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The economic crisis that is sweeping the country, led by Raja Harun Ar-Rashid, Download Chronicle movie to make a run short of money. He decided to sell his favorite donkey, but his vehicle was the only one.

No matter who he is, all can be affected by the economic crisis, not to mention Download Chronicle movie. In fact, for the sake of keeping the kitchen that can still smoke billowing, she must be willing to sell his beloved donkey even though he could not bring myself to sell it.

The next day, Download Chronicle movie brought his donkey to market. However, from a distance Download Chronicle movie apparently being stalked by a gang of thieves made up of four people.

They also plan to deceive Download Chronicle movie with some strategies that have been prepared. When Download Chronicle movie was resting under a tree, one of the thieves approached him and said if you want to buy a goat that will be sold. Download Chronicle movie was surprised to hear the words of the thief. But, he continued on his way in the belief that he was carrying was a donkey, not a goat.

Download Chronicle movie Fooled.
In the middle of the journey, Download Chronicle movie was again stopped by the second and third thief. Both were not able to convince Download Chronicle movie. Download Chronicle movie confident that who want to sell is a keladai, not a goat.

Although it started to hesitate because there are three people who call a donkey with a goat, Download Chronicle movie still melanjtukan trip to hit the market.
Before arriving in the market, Download Chronicle movie immediately accosted by four thieves.With confidence, to convince the thief to sell the goat Download Chronicle movie was carrying.
"Ahaa ... nice goats," said the fourth thief confident.
"You're also sure that this is a goat," said Download Chronicle movie.

After negotiations, Download Chronicle movie was eventually sold to the donkey who carried the four thieves for three dirhams. With feelings of confusion, Download Chronicle movie went back home knowing that his ass just three dirhams appreciated.

Sure enough, when he got home, Download Chronicle movie was immediately scolded by his wife for having sold a donkey at a cheap price, just three dirhams. Download Chronicle movie was aware when he cheated by the gang of thieves who shook his senses.

Deceptive Thieves.
Finally, it occurred to Download Chronicle movie to cowering behind the gang of thieves. Download Chronicle movie go into the woods looking for wood to be used as a stick that will make money. Plan Download Chronicle movie was running smoothly.

Soon, many people began to talk about the magic wand Download Chronicle movie. And the news was finally heard by a gang of thieves who are also deceived the Download Chronicle movie first. In fact, they were immediately interested because he saw his own supernatural powers it up. Just enough to lift up his rod, Download Chronicle movie was seen eating at the shop without paying any money.

The thieves also think that the stick can be bought, then of course they will get rich quick. After a pretty tough negotiations, finally selling his staff for Download Chronicle movie hundred dinars of gold.

Once the transaction is completed, Download Chronicle movie was immediately shot back sambi take money from the sale of the stick. The thieves were soon to find the nearest shop to prove the magic wand. After eating, they brandished the stick to the proprietor, which of course makes the shop owner was furious.

The fourth thief is not received, as before, Download Chronicle movie also do the same thing by holding the stick alone.
Shop owner also explained that before a meal at his shop, Download Chronicle movie has left some money to him.
Download Chronicle movie succeed this time one hundred percent fool the fourth thief.
So sob, do not like to cheat or steal, will be exposed as the thief return tables contained in this story.

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