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The IT Crowd = Standard Nerds

British television shows are either hit or miss with me. I am a hardcore fan of The Office (David Brent is far superior to Michael Scott), but I can't seem to get into the cult classic Absolutely Fabulous. My sister introduced me to a little British sitcom called The I.T. Crowd early last year and, I must admit, I wasn't thrilled with the first season. The concept is simple enough. Three people work in the I.T. department for Reynholm Industries (a corporation that does....something, but it's never revealed what exactly). These people are Roy (Bridesmaids's Chris O'Dowd), a socially-inept fellow who likes to answer the phone with, "Hello, I.T., have you tried turning it off and on again?"; Maurice Moss (Richard Ayoade), who is a genius when it comes to computers and a little slow when it comes to damn near everything else; and Jen (Katherine Parkinson), who serves as their relationship manager with all of the other departments.

The first season made me laugh a few times, but ultimately it left me feeling like I had quite literally missed the joke. Was I supposed to laugh at Jen's attempts to try on a pair of shoes three sizes too small? Or how about when Roy gets trapped underneath a desk (that's right, I said trapped underneath a desk)? According to the laugh track, yes, I was supposed to be laughing. I took a leap of comedic faith by giving the second season a go (all four seasons currently available on DVD are just six episodes long), but I'm glad I did. The writing got much better and the actors clearly became more comfortable with their characters. By the end of the fourth season (a fifth season and final season is reportedly being filmed this year), I was a full-fledged I.T. Crowd fan. Now I can even re-watch that first season and find it- dare I say- hilarious at times. Here are my top five episodes:

1) "Jen the Fredo " - (Season 4:Episode 1)
This is, without a doubt in my mind, my all-time favorite episode of this show. I suppose this is because it holds sentimental value for me. When I first watched this, I had just gone through a break-up (a sucky one at that), and it just so happens that the lovely Roy is also going through a break-up in this episode. His misery is on full display here, from his drinking wine at work to photoshopping his ex out of pictures they had taken together. The climax of the episode is a role-playing game a la Dungeons and Dragons in which Moss, pretending to be an elfin version of Roy's former girlfriend, finally grants Roy bittersweet closure. This episode made me laugh when I needed it most, thus it claims the top spot.

Roy: I realize I haven't been the easiest person to be around the last few weeks, but I really feel like I've turned the corner now. I really do. So if we could all just carry on like normal (breaks into uncontrollable crying, then swiftly recovers) I feel like I've come out the other side of it now. So everything's going to be okay from here on out, MY HEART HURTS!
Jen: You do seem better than yesterday.

2) Are We Not Men? (Season 3:Episode 2)
Moss discovers a website that nerdy men, such as himself and Roy, can turn to in order to sound like "real men," particularly when it comes to sports. Phrases such as "Did you see that ludicrous display last night?" are supposed to help them appear more manly. They test this out at a local pub with some other men who are watching a football game and it works like a gangbusters. Things get somewhat out of hand, though, when this group of men begins inviting them to play poker, attend sporting events and rob stores. But, honestly, what's manlier than that?

Moss (watching a football game): Hooray, he's kicked the ball. Now the ball's over there. That man has the ball. That's an interesting development. Maybe he'll kick the ball. He has indeed. (The crowd cheers) Apparently that deserves a round of applause.

3) Friendface (Season 3:Episode 5)
Facebook is clearly spoofed in this episode in which Jen gets sucked into a social media site called Friendface. While she is playing catch up with old friends, Roy is tracked down on the site by a woman he briefly dated who took a cosmetic cue from a certain comic book villain.

Roy: Oh no, it's all coming back to me now. She used to slap it on with a trowel.
Jen: Why don't women have the confidence to know that less is more?

Roy: Then, when she started crying, it all ran down her face. It was like breaking up with the Joker

4) The Work Outing (Season 2:Episode 1)
The three misfits join a coworker from a different department and they attend a musical called, "Gay!" Roy is mistaken for a disabled man who had his wheelchair stolen, Moss is mistaken for a theatre bartender, and Jen is mistaken for a man. Also, for British sitcom nerds, you might recognize Ash Atalla (producer of The Office and The I.T. Crowd) as the wheelchair-bound man who hits on Roy.

Jen: (after Roy has put doubts into her head about her date's sexuality) It's a date. I'm sure it is. Why else would he have asked me out?
Moss: Well, don't take this the wrong way, but could he have thought you were a man?"

5) The Dinner Party (Season 2:Episode 4)
The boys are invited over to Jen's for a dinner party in order to pair up some of her single friends with her romantically-challenged coworkers. As it turns out, Jen's friends are just as hopeless as her coworkers. Oh, and Jen is dating a man named Peter File. Say his name out loud. What does that sound like to you?

Roy: (Jen has just described how she met her new boyfriend) Buying the same kind of cheese. You made a 20 minute story out of it. Have you thought about adapting it into a film?

Click on the links to download the episodes or full seasons of the I.T. Crowd from iTunes, or hop on over to your local Slackers to order you DVD copies!

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The Making of Harry Potter: Inside Warner Bros's New Studio Tour

I was lucky enough to go to the preview of the eagerly-awaited 'The Making of Harry Potter' tour last week. Here is a sneaky peek at what the tour has in store.

They may have arrived on a wave of hype and fan anticipation but the Harry Potter movies kind of snuck up on me initially and I always seemed to catch them on lazy Christmas afternoons or as in-flight movies, all times when I had less than full attention.

More recently though, with the story coming to an end with Deathly Hallows Part 2, the complete box set did finally magically arrive in the flat (via the medium of a fan-girl girlfriend rather than owl messenger) and I set out to watch all of them, in order, from beginning to end.

Being thirty, um, something, I foolishly assumed that I'd probably watch with interest but not necessarily fannish zeal, so obviously by the time the credits rolled on Chamber of Secrets I was utterly obsessed with practicing an Alan Rickman-like sneer, celebrating every minor achievement in the office by declaring "100 points for Gryffindor!" and suggesting to my local pub that they start serving Butterbeer.

Fast forward a few weeks and suddenly I'm on a press tour for Warner Studio's new tour, The Making of Harry Potter, and wondering exactly what to expect.

Happily my first prediction was 100% spot on and, yes, I'm able to confirm that the gift shop is indeed massive.

You do still exit through the gift shop, but have no fear, you can also start there... Plenty of time then to check out the loot or to get in some early purchasing while waiting for your tour to start in other words? and for the record I bought a Slytherin colours scarf and some Chocolate Toads.

This is actually a very good thing as the tours are timed to control visitor numbers, so the opportunity to browse while waiting to be called up will prove very welcome I suspect. Kids will want to dive in right away, and parents will likely appreciate both the immediate distraction for the children? much better than starting with a lengthy queue I think? as well as the chance to advance plan a purchasing strategy at the other end of the tour.

And what of the tour itself?

Appropriately enough for a film studio tour, we're first led into a cinema screening room and treated to a few minutes of filmed build up from Daniel, Emma and Rupert to get the magic started. Some might find this a little heavy with the saccharine, but the tribute they pay to the efforts of the thousands of cast and crew is heartfelt and when you realise how the stars effectively lived on the set for the best part of 10 years perhaps you'll forgive them a little last word of closure.

Beyond the screen lies Hogwarts' Great Hall where we're allowed to linger for plentiful photo ops before moving on into the two main studio spaces of the tour.

Studio one houses the main sets including Dumbledore's office, the Potions room and parts of the vast Ministry of Magic (including Voldemort's Magic is Might statue) plus a huge array of original costumes, while studio two houses animatronics, a vast scale model of Hogwarts and a sure-hit fan favourite walk-through of Diagon Alley.

Ultimately what could have been the ultimate exercise in cash-in opportunities (and, have no illusions, there a lot of ways to spend money here if you want to) comes off as very well considered thanks to the sheer number of memorable props and details on show, and full kudos to a front of house staff who all seem to have memorized every frame of the films and are happy to share every detail.

My favourite moment came right at the end, inside a recreation of Olivander's wand shop with walls lined with thousands of individual boxed wands, each box carrying the name of a cast or crew member in a final, fitting credits roll that would probably have even Severus Snape cracking a smile.

If you enjoyed reading my article then why not pop over to where you can read many other wonderful articles about everything and anything happening in London.

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Movie Review: The Dictator (2012)

It's always been entertaining to see Sacha Baron Cohen disappear into an overly eccentric character and the surrounding "real" world attempt to adapt to his presence. In The Dictator, the approach differs greatly from both Borat and Bruno in that Aladeen is displayed as a hokey mockery - and an equally farcical host of caricatures encircles him. The whole affair is presented as a parody and not reality, and worse yet Aladeen feels utterly fictitious. No longer does a documentarian follow around an uncontrollable social misfit who might just be real - now a filmmaker blandly captures a comedian portraying a movie character.

Ever since inheriting the dictatorship of the North African country of Wadiya, egomaniacal self-proclaimed Admiral General Aladeen (Sacha Baron Cohen) has ruled with an iron fist and a complete disregard for the needs of his people. When his corrupted Uncle Tamir (Ben Kingsley) attempts to have him executed in order to sell off the rights to Wadiya's oil supply, Aladeen escapes only to find himself exiled and in the streets of New York City. Going to work for Zoey (Anna Faris), the owner of an organic grocery market, the disgraced dictator hatches a plan with his former nuclear physicist Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) to regain his throne (which is about to be democratically constitutionalized). But when the supreme ruler unexpectedly falls in love, the fate of Wadiya and its notorious commander hangs in the balance.

The Dictator employs a screenplay so flummoxing it's tricky to put derision into words. Less than three mildly intelligent (yet always offensive) political railleries sneak their way into a script (one being the events of Munich turned into a first-person-shooter Wii game) so stuffed with verbal violation it rarely gives audiences a chance to be shocked at the poor taste. None of it is the smarter satire, spoofing of relevant current events, or commentary on political and social arenas that frequent Cohen's other works, or even the pure outrageousness of foreign miscommunications and rampant nudity. This is no Borat. Instead, we're given either the extremely detestable jokes on terrorism, 9/11, bin Laden, abduction, rape, and torture, or visual yucks from childbirth, masturbating, and other bodily excretions. It's rarely as much of an exhibition as it is plainly ridiculous.

Perhaps the greatest fault with the presentation is the decision to remove the pseudo-documentary style of Cohen's previous efforts in favor of a traditional narrative. The Dictator has a story. And it's a weak, silly, nonsensical, and pointless one. If the filmmakers had continued with the "reality TV" method in which cameramen follow around Aladeen as he misconducts himself in all sorts of awkward, professional scenarios (like the first 10 minutes do to introduce the role), this entire ordeal could have had some genuine laughs. Casting well-known actors and including a love theme do little more than make Aladeen's tale entirely unbelievable and unconvincing. It's abrasive and unmemorable - a sad change from the caustic ridicule he so brilliantly devised with Borat (and even Bruno).

- The Massie Twins (

The Massie Twins are identical twin film critics who have been professionally reviewing movies full time for over 5 years, appearing on TV, radio, online and in print. They are members of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and the Internet Film Critic Society and their work can be seen at

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The Perfect Movie Based On The Book

If you're a fan of books turning into movies then I'm sure you still normally end up saying "the book was better" after each one because let's face it, it normally is! Even if the ideal movie based on the book was made, the book would still be better because nothing is better than our imagination.

But what would make a movie based on the book the best it can possibly be? What does the movie need in order to make the majority of the book's fans happy? Well of course it's impossible to please everyone, but I'm a firm believer that there are several things that could really make the movie much more pleasing to the book's fans.

The first and most crucial thing the movie based on the book needs is to stick to the storyline of the book to a tee. I know this is probably impossible, but it would make a world of difference. The closer the movie sticks to the storyline from the book, the more people will will enjoy it.

Of course, if the movie employed the author as a consultant and let them have the final yay or nay for anything going on, then I believe sticking to the storyline would be a given. So this is the next crucial thing movies from books need. Let the author be a big part of the project. It is their story after all.

In addition to letting the author have a say and sticking to the storyline, I think that cramming the story into an "ideal length" movie can actually harm it. Viewers miss important pieces that are needed to better understand the characters, relationships, and the world the story is built upon. Make it as long as it needs to be in order to tell the entire story. If it ends up too long, just have an intermission.

Last, but not least, the casting is so important. The actors need to not only look like the characters were described in the book, but they need to do a good job at playing those characters as well. So instead of looking at one factor or the other, producers should treat both just as importantly. We don't want the actors slaughtering our favorite characters, but we want them to look right as well.

With those four changes in the process of filming a movie based on a book, I believe more book lovers would enjoy seeing their beloved reads on screen and the majority of fans would be happy with the result.

Are you a fan of movies based on books? If so, checkout the Books as Movies blog for the latest news about new and upcoming books made into movies.

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The Philippine Cinema's Journey: A Coming of a Spring

"Walang himala, ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao!" (There are no miracles; a miracle is within someone's heart!) A prominent actor in a Filipino classic (Himala) yells, almost a chant.

In truth, a miracle is a Filipino necessity to salvage its struggling film industry.

In the Philippines, theaters are intently built in the darkest areas of the metro. And in these theaters, a movie is less remarkable than the events that take place inside it. A prostitute prances on the outskirts of the theater browsing her some "prospective clients". A movie ticket is not purchased for what it's worth; not for a movie screening but for an hour or two of bought sex among females and males, and males and other males.

The saddening fact about local cinemas is not the end of the undertakings of the hurdling Filipino cinema.

A standard cinema rate per movie is one-hundred fifty pesos which is about three US dollars. The Philippines is a developing country and its people could not afford such rate to the extent that piracy has been a recommended alternative. A pirated Digital Video Disc or DVD of a movie will generally take about thirty pesos which is less than a dollar.

The more grunting fact is that, even the film industry is tripe; as it consistently delivers terrible movies to the audience.

Many will point fingers to the tax imposed to the gross revenue of a film. Imposed by the government in 1990's, a film production is required to pay a thirty-percent tax. And with the arousal of VAT or value-added tax which is an added tax of twelve-percent, a movie production will have to pay a total of forty-two percent of tax.

Many filmmakers as a result, had to play safe with their movies. They had to adhere with conventional movie themes such as slapstick comedies and horrors that feature mostly cheap scares.

In mentioned times, independent filmmakers have gone and made movies to somehow save the movie industry resembling the country's economy; which is drowning. Many independent films have been featured internationally and "Serbis" is a popular example. The film itself, describes the struggling industry of the Philippine cinema.

Fortunately, in 2009, tax imposed on movie gross revenues are decreased into a ten-percent rate which generally makes things easier.

In the recent times, Yam Laranas, a Filipino director had made his film 'Sigaw' to be adapted to a Hollywood film which is 'The Echo', a film he also directed. His latter film, "The Road", a stylishly creepy film told in backwards fashion, Filipino Cinema had taken a step forward in getting recognized by the Hollywood eye.

It shivers there like a leaf of a dying tree; the Philippine Cinema had been fighting the wind so forceful. It keeps on fighting. It hates to fare with the blowing air. It holds tight and then the spring came. Its rebirth came.

ArmandDC is the founder/author of the blog FilmPolice ( ), a Philippine-based movie review site which posts concise and honest opinions on the latest movies on Hollywood and beyond. He is a professional blogger, a movie enthusiast and a graphics artist.

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The Silent Era's Divas

Theda Bara

In nineteen fifteen, Theda Bara starred in "A Fool There Was." The film was considered risque'. Theda played a vampire type woman. Instead of physically sucking a human's blood, she seduced him into a tortured human being. With her dark shadowed eyes and passionate embraces, she became "The Vamp."

Her latest victim John Schuyler a Wall Street lawyer was on a diplomatic mission to London. While onboard with his wife and young daughter, he spied The Vamp. After his family left him to back to their home, he went over to where The Vamp lounged in a deck chair. From that moment on, they became lovers.

Two months went by, The Vamp and John traveled to Italy. They remained there until he returned to the States. The Vamp moved into a house with him. Even when his wife brought their daughter to see him, he refused to go home with them. It was hard to imagine a distinguished man of his character reduced to such a level. The movie contained a lot of drama and controversy.

The film was adapted from a nineteen hundred and five Broadway stage play. The play was taken from "Rudyard Kipling's poem "The Vampire." The movie defined Theda Bara as "The Vamp" throughout her career in silent films.

Louise Brooks

Nineteen twenty-six, Louise Brooks starred in "Love Em And Leave Em." She played the freewheeling Janie Walsh, the younger sister of Mame Walsh played by Evelyn Bent. The silent film was considered a romantic comedy. The action took place at a rooming house and a large department store. The tale of the two shop girl sisters showed the complexity of their sibling relationship.

Mame was the protector. While, Janie toyed with Mame's intended window dresser Beau causing a conflict between them. Janie bet on racehorses most of the time losing.She gambled away the money for the department store's annual dance. When the floor manager wanted the money to pay for the decorations, it was Mame that took the blame for the money's disappearance.

Mame hatched a plan to get the money back from Janie's shady friend. It was an interesting plot twist as the older sister once again came to the rescue. Also, she regained the admiration of her beau. It left Janie wondering off with one of the wealthy store executives.

Louise Brooks personified "The Flapper." Her short dark bobbed hair, red lipstick, and shortened dress hemlines were copied by the women of the nineteen-twenties.

Pola Negri

Nineteen twenty-six, Pola Negri starred in a silent film "A Woman Of The World." She played Countess Elenora whose European morality did not fit into a small American town's way of life. Moving in with relatives, her clothes, smoking and continental ways were noticed by the town's leading district attorney, Richard Granger. In fact, he tried every way he could to get her to leave the town.

Pola Negri was regarded as a "Femme Fatal" during the silent film era. Mysterious and seductive, her characters charmed and seduced men that desired her, sometimes dangerously so. Sometimes being silent speaks volumes.

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The Video Production Process in 3 Easy Steps

Video production can be very complex. It's easy to watch a cool video and get excited about making one similar to it. However, this process requires a series of steps not to mention expensive equipment and a crew.

If you want to get a video produced, having a clear understanding of the entire process can save you time, money, headaches and yield a far superior product.

The stages required to produce videos vary depending on the content. But generally, it will always include pre-production, production and post-production. Now let's go through them one at a time, shall we?

1. Pre-Production

Every great thing starts with planning and research. Stage one involves identifying all the elements required to produce the video; from locations, live streaming studio, props, cast members, costumes, to special effects, etc. Pre-production is a critical part of getting things off on the right foot so make sure to think about calling on the services of a professional video production company.

Your target audience needs to be defined well. This is imperative, as everything from here on out should be geared to the temperament, attitudes and interests of your intended audience.

Another thing, how much are you willing to shell out? If you're in it for the income you should expect to spend some money to do it right.

You must also determine which crew members you will need. Camera men, make-up artists, sound recorders and so on. Once all the elements have come together; prepare a shooting schedule and move on to step number 2, production!

2. Production

Proceed to the actual production of the material including graphics, photography, sound effects, narration, video footage etc. Once the director yells "Action!" we begin the shoot. This will go on until all the necessary aspects are captured on camera. Your crew will then review the footage and schedule reshoots if they're unsatisfied with the results. That's a Wrap!

3. Post-Production

This brings together all of the different elements created in the production phase. The editing team will select the best shots, place them in order and create a fine cut by trimming the clips. The fine cut is simply a smoother version of the video.

Next: Visual effects. This is where the magic happens! Green Screen Studio, 3D animation, splash intro videos, color corrections, subtitles and credit rolls etc.

Now, time for the audio mix, during this phase, the sound mixer adds the audio tracks(voice-overs, music, sound effects) to the visual layer to create the Final Cut. They will then convert the files to a final format - which can either be VHS, Beta cam, Laser disk, Digibeta, DVD, Mpeg, Avi etc.

See? If you just take time to analyze the steps, everything will run smoothly. If you have any questions or items you aren't sure about, there are several video production companies who offer cutting-edge professional services.

On a final note, are you familiar with the adage "A picture is worth a hundred words."? Well some say, videos are worth millions. They transport people to a whole new world and convey ideas printed materials can never can. So make sure the video produce is something of quality.

Andrew James is a production manager at Salt Lake City Studio. They offer cutting-edge, state of the art facilities, like Green Screen and Live Streaming Studio, and at affordable pricing! They provide Meeting Rooms and Video Production in Salt Lake City.

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Top 5 Harvard Movies

#5 Stealing Harvard

Tom Green & Jason Lee turn to crime to 'Steal Harvard'. Lee attempts to steal $30,000 to fund his niece's tuition for entrance to the world's most prestigious university. The premise here being that Harvard's expense prohibits students from applying - the reverse is true.

Harvard's financial aid is the best in America and enables students from all backgrounds to enter.The movie, much like the premise, is shaky. But nonetheless, good fun.

#4 Homeless To Harvard

A rags to riches tale, a true Cinderella story. Homeless To Harvard follows Liz Murray's journey. Beset by a father with drug-abuse problems and a schizophrenic mother, Murray found herself homeless at 15. Yet incredibly earned her place as a Harvard undergraduate by 19. Homeless To Harvard earned Emmy nominations and critical praise alike.

#3 Legally Blonde

Starring Stanford's own and chick-flick extraordinaire, Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde is a tale of romantic ideals beset by the snooty, intimidating cast of Harvard. The movie is notable, if for nothing else, the hilarious admissions video. And, of course, that blonde's and good gal's can come first.

#2 The Social Network

Harvard's has given the world Presidents, Astronauts & Nobel Laureates. It has also created leaders in technology and social media, none more so than the world's youngest billionaire and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg.

The movie casts its lens on the rise of Facebook from concept to reality and the legal battles that ensued between Zuckerberg and his former partners, notably the Winklevoss twins. Critics note the portrayal of Facebook's origin is not accurate and Zuckerberg is unfairly cast. These critics also note The Social Network as an outstanding movie.

#1 Good Will Hunting

One of the great films of all time, at least in this lowly author's opinion. Matt Damon was once famously a student of Harvard only to leave believing movie, Geronimo, would be his breakthrough. However, that wouldn't come until 1997 and the release of Good Will Hunting.

Damon co-wrote the movie with friend Ben Affleck; the tale of its production inspires much like the story. The friends rejected successive script bids adamant that they be cast in the lead roles. Ultimately, Mirimax bought the script and the rest, as they say, is Hollywood and Harvard history.

Harvard, and its students, are so often cast as aloof and intimidating. The reverse is also true. Harvard has given the world great thinkers, humanitarians and benefactors. The Harvard story has only just begun.

Curious about Getting Into Harvard? or how about learning about Getting Into Stanford? Then follow these links.

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Top 5 London Musicals and Their Star Performers

London's most exciting theatrical experiences are often booked up in advance but sometimes the major shows hold back tickets for that evenings show. For quality views book in advance though. The sights possible on the London Stage rival the astonishing architecture of London itself. As much as standing in wonder outside St. Paul's gives you goosebumps and is a gorgeous reminder of the city and the country's heritage, the West end musicals are similarly exhilarating. They create tender drama whilst being fantastic entertainment. They are perfect for dates and for entertaining tired children at the end of a days sight-seeing.

Pieces like We Will Rock You, the musical based on the era defining music by Freddy Mercury and Brian May. Glam rock provides a delicious nights entertainment. The opportunity to bring out your inner glamour diva or rock god and join hundreds of people in a night's festivity celebrating the best of the seventies.

The second most popular musical in London is The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre. This production is difficult to compare anything to. It has the most extraordinary use of the theatre space with beautiful and sculptural costumes which convey the strength and honour found in the animals of the African Savannah. The story based on Shakespeare's Hamlet stands strong, stirringly expressed in abundant and luscious colour by fantastic actors.

The worldwide smash of the film version of Billy Elliot is more than paid tribute to in this musical. The story is of a humble boy rising through class restriction to fight ignorance and succeed in making his family proud. Elton john has written an uplifting and emotional score to this loving depiction of a young man's journey in the eighties in the North of England. Billy Elliot has a love of ballet and risks ridicule and his relationship with his father to stand by his passion and fight for success in a foreign world.

For 25 years The Phantom of the Opera has reigned supreme over the West end with its passionate drama and frightening themes. The story is of a recluse who hides in the Paris Opera and brings the theatre folk to fear him whilst falling in love with the beautiful singer Christine. Phantom is a tour de force of musical theatre.

Thriller is a tribute to the brilliant and iconic music of Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. This is a celebration of Jackson's music, theatricality and his astonishing journey to stardom. The mysterious life of the King of Pop is laid out with hysterical drama and enthusiasm. It enthralls audiences and leaves them dancing.

The West end is glowing with confidence. These five shows alone preview a vibrant side to London. The emotion that these dramatic experiences take you to is a valuable part of London's culture. The musical theatre in the capital of the UK is big emotional and bold, these are a few of the best.

There are cheap tickets to musical shows in London available from a multitude of sites. constantly updates their list of West end shows, making it the ideal place to book an evening in the centre of London. What are you waiting for? Pay Cheap Theatre Tickets London a visit today!

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Vicky Donor: Good Times

Indian Cinema is coming up with some surprising ventures. From indie movies to revolutionary movies, we have it all. This week sees the release of Vicky Donor, a movie that speaks about something that less than ten percent people would talk about in mixed company - sperm donation. Here is a complete review of the movie, Vicky Donor. [rating:3]

Vicky Donor, though the name suggests that is a movie about the donor Vicky, is about a doctor who has an infertility clinic, and therefore has a sperm bank in Delhi, Dr. Baldev Chaddha. Chaddha has some problems with getting a good sperm donor for his bank, and it seems that his problems will be getting solved if Vicky Arora agrees to become a sperm donor. After all, he comes from the Aryan race, which makes his sperm the strongest in this world.

Of course, sperm donating is still taboo in India, and Vicky does not agree at first, but later on does it for a number of reasons. Though he does not want the money, he does it because Dr. Chaddha tries to question whether he can actually become a father. Vicky falls for the trap, and in the meantime in love too, with a Bong beauty. This goes on for four years, and Vicky changes the fortunes of his mother, who runs a beauty parlor, with his ever loving grandmother looking on.

While everything goes well for Vicky on the professional front, he finds out that his would be wife is a divorcee, but after the initial problems that both families profess, it all goes well and the wedding takes place. It is only when the couple find out that the wife cannot conceive, that everything comes crumbling down on Vicky, his wife and everyone that is related to them. To find out what happens afterwards, watch the movie.

Vicky Donor is a slick, slick movie. It has a crackling screenplay and the dialogues are atrociously funny. We always believed that the actual spine of the movie is the background and supporting characters, and Vicky Donor proves us right once again. The whisky guzzling, dancing mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo, the mousy nurse at the reception of Dr. Chaddha, the assistant who has his fifth child, all these individuals that add their own hue and spice to this already highly interesting movie.

Of course, the movie thrives on the shoulders of Annu Kapoor, the veteran actor who seems to have either been ignored largely by the film industry, or maybe he did not take the roles that were offered to him. It is surprising to see that such a great actor is only remembered as the 'Antakshari host' and not for his roles.

The art direction has several tongue and cheek references to Chhaddha's profession. All around him are sperms - well, fake ones - whether it's his car dangler, or his table top decoration, you can see a sperm icon everywhere. It takes a very good movie to pull this off, and well, Vicky Donor is right on the button.

The two actors that are introduced in the movie, Aryamann and Yami Gautam have the acting chops required. Aryamann and Yami have a good enough chemistry, and the entire angle of the Bong marrying a Punjabi is quite over the top, funny and relevant. It is refreshing to see that at least one film agrees that other caste marriages are not as simple as they are being depicted.

Of course the movie has flaws - there's no movie without flaws. The main one is where Yami Gautam's character, a very independent, intelligent woman - and a bank employee to boot - marries a man without checking what his business is. I mean, come on, if a bank employee is going to marry a businessman, wouldn't she want to see where his office is, how much is his annual turnover, what are his assets, and such? Well, maybe the phrase 'love makes everything happen' is the reply to this single flaw in the movie.

Then again, we understand that the movie makers wanted to add a serious note to what sperm donation is doing to the country, but somewhere, we felt that if that message was given in a more solid way, Vicky Donor wouldn't just have been an intimately funny movie, but an intimately funny movie with a message.

Roy D writes for Filmystan, the best resource for Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews.

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Web Video Marketing 101

Videos connect to people on a deeper sense since it covers and reaches out to different types of learning styles: the visual wherein individuals learn by seeing demonstrations of a product or service and the auditory where people understand through audio.

But how can this help you? Easy. Use web videos to your advantage by utilizing this process as a marketing tool for your own business.

However, Web Video Marketing is no simple process. You can't just tape a video of yourself advertising a product and expect to sell any. It involves rigorous research, skills, money and more often than not; high end equipment. Sometimes, a video production company may even be necessary.

Here's a simple guide you can utilize if you plan to do things on your own:

Step 1: Research

Research the type of things that your target market would like to see. Are they the soccer mom types? Conservatives? Or teens? A video's success does not depend on how much you've spent on it. You just have to ensure it appeals to your audience.

Step 2: Planning

Second, plan the execution and identify all the elements needed for your video. This is very important. Remember, every great thing started with an even greater plan.

Check out checklist below for examples:
FundingScriptStory BoardSets and Locations (Green Screen Studio, Live Streaming Studio, etc.)Cast MembersEquipment and PropsProduction Crew (camera operators, sound recorders, make-up artists etc)

Step 3: Production

The production stage means the actual shooting and acquisition of all video footage. Now this is where your "skills" come in. You'll need to be more creative. Every single video you provide must include something of value for the viewer, whether it is a tip, a resource or just a laugh for the day.

Step 4: Editing

Of course, you're no professional. But do what you can to make the video more attractive to the audience, make use of animation, splash intro videos, color corrections, subtitles, credit rolls etc.

It won't cost you that much since the like any other technology, the rates involved on video editing has declined by a magnitude.

Besides from Apple's iMovie and Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker there are several free open source video-editing software available, the examples are right below:

One more thing, a properly edited video flows, it doesn't waste time panning from shot to shot because it moves through the scenes seamlessly.

Step 5: Releasing

It's time to release the video to the public via the World Wide Web.

So that's it, just a short outline on how to use videos for web marketing. I do hope you found it helpful.

Andrew James is a production Manager at Salt Lake City Studio; the #1 most versatile TV, WebTV, and Video production in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit Salt Lake City Studio now!

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Spartacus Vengeance: Episode 4 - Empty Hands - Recap *Spoiler*

Spartacus: Vengeance forges ahead with an orgy of blood, sex and raw passion. Episode 4, Empty Hands, begins with Spartacus, and survivors from their raid on the mines, attempting to evade capture. They hide adjacent to the path a patrol of Roman soldiers are traveling on; their bodies hidden under leaves; Predator style. Just when it looks like their camouflage is going to do the trick, Naevia freaks out and takes off running. Right, because that's a sound strategy that'll surely deliver her to safety. A Roman solider readies himself to toss a spear through Naevia's back, moving Spartacus to action. Spartacus tears the Roman solider a new one for his troubles. Another Roman soldier has given chase to Naevia and quickly catches up to her. He's pissed at her for making him run. I'm sure he must have expected her to happily jump onto his sword. That being said, it makes a quite a bit more sense now why these soldiers are so easily hacked to pieces considering that they have the same level of fitness as a corpse. Mira literally leaps to Naevia's aid; wrapping her legs around the waist of the Roman solider and stabbing him to death. Now I see why she's become Spartacus' main squeeze. Although they're able to defeat the Roman soldiers, they don't do so without suffering a loss of their own. A gladiator, whose name I forgot, is slain and I guess we're supposed to feel bad.

Glaber's father-in-law gives him yet another tongue lashing for not having his soldiers at the games and embarrassing his fellow Praetor, Varinius, to boot. I'm sure embarrassing Varinius was just icing on the cake for ole Glaber, icing that I'm most certain he thoroughly enjoyed. Rather than be a whipping post this time, Glaber stands up for himself and defends his actions; he argues that it was by the will of the Gods that he was able to locate Spartacus while Seppius has continued to come up completely empty handed. Albinius is somewhat placated and that's about as good as it's going to get for ole Glaber.

Ilithyia stumbles upon Seppia and Lucretia chit chatting about Seppia's desire to marry Varinius. Ilithyia, of course, gets mad jelly. She doesn't even have to say anything because her feelings are written all over her face. She can't help but open her mouth though and she berates Seppia for having the audacity to think that she's worthy of such a man as Varinius. After Seppia runs off crying or whatever, Ilithyia turns her aggression to Lucretia. She chides Lucretia, doubting her godly divinity and referring to her as Glaber's favorite pet. I had thought that honor went to the goat from the previous episode but I stand corrected. Regardless, Lucretia couldn't look less bothered instead, she embraces Ilithyia and proclaims that she only wishes to regain her trust. D'aww. And who wouldn't trust Lucretia? Oh that's right. Anyone who wishes to avoid certain death.

A handful of Glaber's soldiers return from the mines and they've brought some goodies for Glaber. Glaber looks damn excited but his hopes are crushed when he learns that Spartacus is not among their captives; only Crixus and two other gladiators named... C'est la vie to Glaber's Super Sweet Sixteen with honored guest Spartacus. Watching from the balcony are Ilythia and Lucretia who witness the captured gladiators be brought in. Ilythia continues to berate Lucretia, now mocking her about Crixus's capture; Crixus got Lucretia preggo since her hubby, Baitius, could not. Ilythia then gives Lucretia the ultimate kick in the ovaries when she lets her know that her act is not fooling her and she suspects that it was Ashur who nursed her back to health. Not only that but she knows that it wasn't divine powers which revealed that Naevia was in the mines, Lucretia knew because she was the one who sent her there. Ilythia then reminds Lucretia that they have unfinished business. I smell cat fight.

Having evaded the first of the Roman's patrols and knowing that it would not be their last, Spartacus stands guard while the rest of the survivors sleep, not wanting to lose another life. Funny enough, just as Spartacus is explaining to Mira that he won't sleep because he needs to be alert in case the Romans find them, they're surprise attacked by the Romans. Way to go Spartacus. Might as well have enjoyed a nice cat nap. Naevia cries out as a Roman kills another of Spartacus' men. Nasir catches a sword in the chest as he attempts to help Neavia, who had attempted to help him, I think?

Absent the late Quintus, The House of Batiatus is back in business. The celebration which Ilythia alluded to, honoring Varinius, is not unlike a cocktail party. That is, if you were attending a cocktail party where there was a raging orgy in the center of the room, serving as a piece of living art. Ilythia gives Varinius her come hither eyes as does Seppia towards Varinius to the jealous of her brother Seppius. Ew. Well, what can you say? When in Rome, right?

Glaber parades out Crixus, Onomenous and two other guys, whatever their names are. Glaber offers them to Varinius to say, "my bad" for not having his soldiers at his games. Glaber hands Varinius a sword so Varinius can do the dirty deed. Varinius is like, "Thanks, but no thanks, blood is notoriously difficult to get out of white robes." Instead he suggests that it'd be much more entertaining to have them fight in his games; meeting their deaths upon the sands. Varinius one up's Glaber yet again and all he can do is... absolutely. nothing. Quite honestly, I was going to be pretty pissed off if Onomenous and Crixus were simply going to be killed while bound and on their knees. If they're to die at the very least they deserve a fighting chance.

It looks like being stabbed in the chest isn't so fatal after all as Nasir has somehow survived. It doesn't look like he'll last much longer though because he's bleeding out. One of the gladiators suggests that they leave him behind because his trail of blood will lead the Romans to them. And here I always believed that your own blood couldn't kill you but, I stand corrected. One of the other gladiators, or maybe it was same one, I really don't care to remember, they're both "red shirts" anyway, suggests that they put Nasir out of his mystery. They don't need Nasir's blood drawing a map for the Romans. Spartacus shoots that idea down so the nameless gladiator takes things a step further and opens old wounds when he suggests that Spartacus kill Nasir just like he killed his bff, Varro. Not the smartest to say as Spartacus looks like he's more than ready to add to his already swelling body count. But before he can add that guy's head to his trophy case, Naevia chimes in and explains that Crixus has survived worse injuries and all they need to do is cauterize the wound. Spartacus sends the two naysayers off to rendezvous with Argon while he stays and plays doctor with Nasir. After those two skidaddle, Spartacus gives Nasir his frat brand which he happily accepts.

Seppius eyes Seppia flirting with Varinius and doesn't take kindly to it at all. He enters the pissing match between Glaber and Varinius and makes it a three-way-dance. Seppius argues that it would be more fitting for the gladiators to die in the very house where their cousin, his and Seppia's, Sextus did. Glaber, seeing an opening, chimes in, like, "Yeah! That's right, let's totally do that!" Ilythia goes to bat for Varinius, making it a fatal-four-way match, she reasons that it'd be a waste for them to die there instead, why not allow all Capua to see instead.

Varinius flexes his political prowess and suggests a compromise; he suggests that because Seppius lost his beloved cousin Sextus he should get to choose which one of the gladiators will die that day. Glaber, counters that Lucretia has suffered the most, having lost her home, nearly her life, and worst of all her husband and unborn child. So she wins on the tragedy scale and gets the number one draft pick. Varinius accepts Glaber's suggestion and Glaber announces to all in attendance that Lucretia will pick who among them will be sacrificed for their vengeance and amusement. The obvious choice is Crixus, since he stabbed Lucretia and left her for dead. Lucretia instead chooses one of the nameless gladiators. She remarks to Crixus that she did not let him live as a show of mercy but because she wants to savor his death. Ironically, death in the arena would have been a lot more humane that what happens to the gladiator that Lucretia selected.

When Glaber presented Varinius with the opportunity to kill the captured Gladiators, I naively assumed they'd be pitted against an overwhelming amount of Roman soldiers to be slaughtered or simply be executed. But luck was not on the side of the gladiator who was chosen to die in the House of Batiatus. Instead, he was brutally tortured; literally being cut to pieces for the amusement of those watching; Seppius cut out his tongue and Cossutius slices off his left pec.

While the gladiator is being sliced like deli meat, Illithyia's father Albinius, exclaims that Varinius has only been in town for a handful of days and has already outshone Glaber. Illithyia decides that this is the perfect opportunity to let him to know that she intends to dissolve her marriage and elope with Varinius instead. Albinius shoots her down, explaining that she's Glaber's baby mama so divorce is a no-go.

Varinius hands Seppia a sword tells her that it's her turn to take a stab at him. Seppius watches with jealously glowing in his eyes; no one touches his sister like that but him! Seppia coyly explains that she's never held a sword before because her brother would not allow it. Glaber, ever the opportunist, decides to rub salt in Seppius' wounds. He taunts Seppius for siding with Varinius against him and tells him to sleep easy knowing that Varinius wants to do all the dirty things to his sister Seppia that Seppius could only dream about. Seppia wilts under the pressure and is unable to do any harm to the gladiator. Illythia gladly takes the sword from Seppia's hands and shows to Varinius that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty, just ask Licinia. She quite literally puts the gladiator out of his misery, driving the sword through his stomach, and then hands the bloody sword back to Seppia like, "what now!?". Seppia is washed with embarrassment while Varinius grins ear-to-ear; dully impressed with Illythia.

Having gotten his attention and successfully shoving Seppia from her path, Illythia makes her move on Varinius. She makes her proposal, arguing that their union would bring them tremendous wealth and power. He entertains her proposal while utilizing a tried and true negotiation tactic; let's just say he lends her a hand. Varinius explains that he's down for making her his bride but it's up to her to get the wedding dissolved first. Until then she might want to clean up the mess that they made.

Illythia looks like she's walking on sunshine (woh-oh) as she searches for her father, hoping that her second attempt to convince him to dissolve her marriage will be successful. Instead she finds a most unexpected sight; Lucretia in bed with her father. I'm sure it must have been horrific enough to walk in on her dad, but insult is only added to injury seeing him lie with Lucretia. I'm honestly surprised that Illythia didn't throw herself off a cliff. A hard slap instead suffices once Illythia catches up to Lucretia afterwards. Illythia cradles Lucretia's head and prepares to bash her brains in. Lucretia is able to stall her long enough to give her an explanation; she explains that she only did what she did so her father would agree to dissolve Illythia's marriage. Lucretia is like, "For real? You'd do that for me? Let's be bffs again!" Illythia accepts blame for ruining their friendship and they make amends with a nice soft kiss on the lips.

Back to Spartacus. As if morale weren't low enough Spartacus and crew stumbleupon their fallen comrade, now hanging from the trees. They don't even have to time to cut him down or do much of anything as the Romans ambush them. What's his face is killed from behind by none other than the gift that keeps on giving, Ashur. At this point only Spartacus, Mira, Naevia, and a wounded Nasir remain. Spartacus makes me question why he even bothered to bring anyone else along as he absolutely destroys every Roman soldier in the area, all by himself. Ashur picks up the wounded Marcus and retreats to safety. Easily the smartest thing to do in the situation. 10 Roman soldiers against one Spartacus is hardly good odds for the Romans.

Ashur warns Marcus that they need to retreat and they're no match for Spartacus. Marcus decides instead to call out to the remaining squads. Ashur tells him to shush. Marcus in turn tells Ashur that they'll continue to fight until every drop of Roman blood is spilled. Ashur is like "Naw, I have a better idea" and he finishes Marcus off with a blade to the stomach, silencing him for good. What's his name, who just got stabbed in the back, tells Spartacus to go on without him and then dies a few seconds later making the decision to leave him that much easier.

Empty Hands ends with Spartacus and Mira looking out at their destination as it appears hopeless out of reach; they're still half a day away from reaching it. Spartacus tells Neavia to take care of Nasir and he'll hold off the Romans for as long as he can. Mira tells Spartacus that she's not leaving his side so the two of them square off awaiting what they expect to be certain death. They hear people coming, the Romans? No, they're greeted by a welcome site, Argon and many of the rest of the gladiators.

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Review: Snow White and The Huntsman

Remakes are a very common and ordinary aspect of filmmaking in modern-day Hollywood. With that being the case, I can't say that I was surprised at the fact that there was a remake of Snow White coming to the big screen called Snow White and The Huntsman. This one is different from some of the other films based on this story. This one is darker and has more action than the others, but it's also more mature.

With a familiar story, Snow White and The Huntsman has an evil queen (Charlize Theron) who will do anything to keep her power. When it is learned that Snow White (Kristen Stewart) is destined to replace her, she learns of her whereabouts and orders a hunter (Chris Hemsworth) to track her down and prevent it from happening. The huntsman however has plans of his own once he comes to understand who she is and why she is so important.

Snow White and The Huntsman got off to a solid start and stayed that way for a decent amount of time. They took their time building up the story and much of the early stages of the movie keeps the spotlight on the Queen, her rise to power and her continuous fight to stay there. After keeping allowing her to be the center of attention a while, the focus then shifts onto the other characters and their roles in the story.

Once that happens, the movie takes an obvious and significant hit and slows down a bit because of it. There were quite a few "nothing" scenes during this time and I know that some of it could have been greatly reduced in size. Stretching out thin material is one of my pet peeves and it can hurt any movie that it occurs in. In Snow White and The Huntsman, this practice made things truly boring at this point in the film.

In between these stages of boredom, they did manage to continue the story as the are almost fully focusing on the journey of the characters Snow White and the huntsman, but they also put in some quality action. The fights/battles that are taking place make the movie at least somewhat tolerable when nothing else is happening. That's important for me, because everything around the action is so drawn out and tedious. I never actually make an early exit, but some movies make you think about it and this is one of them. I thought about it on at least a couple of occasions during this movie.

One of the primary reasons for the failures that existed here, is because Snow White as a character is so bland and rarely brings anything to the screen that's worth caring about. Stewart has no charisma and really not much personality to speak of either. Creating these scenes around her wasn't the greatest of ideas and that becomes easier to see when you look at the fact that there's nothing going on outside of the action.

Another problem that I had with Kristen Stewart was the fact that she was given the role in the first place. Snow White is supposed to be extremely beautiful and that can't be said about her at all. I'm betting that you can walk down the street and find a plethora of women more attractive than she is. She's not ugly, but the fairest of them all? Seriously? If this version of Snow White was the most attractive woman in the land, then I feel sorry for the men who had to live there. The rest of women couldn't be anywhere near close to hot. Charlize Theron has her beat by miles in the looks department and this doesn't allow this aspect of the movie to come off plausible or genuine in the least.

Now that I've spoken about some of what I don't like, I'll look at what I did like. Throughout Snow White and The Huntsman, the best scenes are easily the action sequences. Just about all of them are good, but the last one is unquestionably the best of the bunch. As I said earlier, I wanted to leave a couple of times, but these are some of the reasons to stay. That's especially true for the finale. Without the action, I shutter to think how bad this movie could have gotten if they would have replaced any of it with more empty scenes that include an uncharismatic and dry lead actress.

To summarize things, I'll say that there's no way in the world that this movie should have been anywhere near two hours long. Outside of the early parts led by Theron and the action, there's not enough material to make the epic that they dreamed of creating. Snow White and The Huntsman could have been better if director Rupert Sanders would have shortened some of the scenes, given Theron more to do after a stellar start and put a little more action and adventure into this action/adventure. It would have also helped matters if they chose a lead actress who had the ability to give life to a lifeless version of Snow White.

Score: 2/5

Rating: PG-13

Director: Rupert Sanders

Kristen Stewart
Chris Hemsworth
Charlize Theron
Sam Claflin
Ray Winstone
Bob Hoskins
Nick Frost
Toby Jones
Ian McShane

Film Length: 127 minutes

Release Date: June 1, 2012

Distributor: Universal Pictures

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What Is HD Television? - A Closer Look

HDTV Explained

So What is HDTV? HD stands for High Definition. HDTV means High Definition Television, which provides resolution which is higher than the standard television.

High definition programs are becoming more and more popular by the day, which makes us eager to know what this technology is. In HDTV high levels of resolution is provided in the digital television format.

Not all digital formats are in high definition. In the world of television entertainment HDTV has become the talk of town since HDTV offers its customers higher resolution, better picture quality and clarity as compared to the analog television.

In the HDTV, a broadcaster transmits widescreen picture which are more detailed and of high quality as compared to the analog or digital television. HDTV is transmitted in two different categories like the 1920x1080p that is two megapixels, and the 1280x720p which is one megapixel. The "p" stands for progressive scan.

When the images are transmitted in two megapixel format HDTV offers five times more pixels than the standard definition television. HDTV displays include the plasmas, direct view, and rear screen and front screen projections. HDTV requires HDTV tuner to view the programs.

Before making a decision to buy a HDTV, one need to understand that all programs are not beamed in HD format, while most service providers charge extra for HD programs. Prices of a HDTV depend on the size of the television, and the technology used.

Most of the programs shown in HDTV are 1080p resolution. HDTV signals are aired in 16:9 aspect ratios and are referred to as widescreen or letterbox. HDTV can be purchased with the standard format 4:3 or widescreen format 16:9 aspect ratio. The choice depends on the preference to rectangle or square screen of the customer. Most of the HDTV programs fit into these aspect ratios.

If your still not sure what the advantages of HDTV technology is, just wait until you get new HDTV television. When my family first got our first one, we were just overwhelmed by the increase of viewing quality compared to our old set.

Once you take the time and get your first HDTV set, I'm positive you will never look at television the same way.

HDTV is the best technology in the television market, and with the increase in HDTV programs television viewing has been transported to next level entertainment.

A lot of times people have questions about the main differences between HDTV and HD Ready LCD televisions. The main difference is that HDTV is the digital way of broadcasting, and because of the digital video compression, HDTV required much less bandwidth.

Many people who live in areas where both types of telecasts are available can opt for an HD Ready television to watch both types of programming.

To be more exact, HDTV is able to receive both analogue and digital programming. The aspect ratio allows for an HDTV to vary from a 4:3 to a 16:9 ratio.

For more information, make sure and follow the links below.

Take advantage of these helpful tips, Next, click HERE -->> HD Television or, check out the difference between LCD and HD TV's

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What Is the Difference Between 720p Vs 1080i HDTV

However, when it comes down to comparing the two formats, you may want to know which one is superior over the other. To answer this, it can be correctly stated that both of the two technologies are unique in their own way and none can be said to have precedence over the other. However, before you start disputing this argument, here are some of the major facts that you ought to know when talking of 720p Vs 1080i HDTV:

1. Comparison Based on the Lines Display

What are lines and what have they got to do with the comparison of the 720p and 1080i HDTV? Well, one of the major differences between 720p and 1080i HDTV's that you have to know lies in the horizontal lines display of the two formats. For one, the main difference is that the 1080i often have 1080 horizontal lines that scale their signal down while 720p have 720 horizontal lines of progressive scan.

However, you should know that even if a 1080i signal is scaled down, it is still stronger than the commonly known NTSC signal. Also good to note is the fact that expensive HDTV has better scalars than relatively cheap ones. Therefore, make wise considerations based on these facts when you are out there shopping for a HDTV.

2. Signal Display

You already know about line differences. But to add to it, you have to know that the two HDTV formats have differing signal display. For instance, when we talk about the 720p, we find that every frame is often displayed on the screen for 1/30 seconds. It is this reason that we refer to it as the progressive scan with the letter 'P' at the end of the 720 figures.

On the other hand, not all the signals in 1080i are displayed simultaneously on the screen and they are often interlaced. It is for this reason that the 1080i has the letter 'i' at the end of its figures. Another important point to note is that the 1080i has lines that are displayed and alternates after every 1/60 seconds. As such, it has a frame rate of 30 frames per second with two fields that as a viewer, you subconsciously see as one.

3. Interlacing Challenges

You also have to know that the 1080i often has interlacing challenges due to its nature of display. The challenge is not seen on slow moving objects but is rather present when fast moving images are presented. As such, when a sporting activity like hockey is being played, the 1080i will experience a 'stepping' effect. On the other hand, the 720p will never experience such an interlacing problem and therefore are more preferable for the presentation of sporting activities and fast image picture presentation.

Therefore, in regard to the above argument, the 720p has been known to produce better images on fast movement events such as sporting. Unlike its 1080i counterpart, it will capture the fast action and give you a clearer view of enjoyment. Therefore, if you are planning on using your HDTV mostly for sports channels view such as ESPN, it will be best to choose the 720p. It becomes the perfect choice due to its progressive scan technology that is endowed with the ability to best capture fast moving objects.

In conclusion, I can tell you as a consumer that you should not spend time worrying over the two technologies. This is because the HDTVs currently found on the market have been integrated with both formats and enhanced to ensure that the two technologies complement each other perfectly. As such, if you are on the lookout for a new HDTV, it will be best to spend your time looking somewhere else for faults instead of on which of the two technologies is best since all HDTVs have both of the two technologies integrated into them.

You can visit the new website called to find thousands of comparison of Plasma TVs, LCD TVs and LED TV. Their 7 key HDTV comparison will give you a clear picture of the winner between two TVs. Here you can Compare HDTV of any kind.

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Will Batman Die in The Dark Knight Rises?

Since the release of the latest trailer, fans have been speculating that Bruce Wayne will meet his end in The Dark Knight Rises. We all know this is both Christopher Nolan's and Christian Bale's last time spent on the Batman franchise. While Nolan is known for constantly trying to mislead audiences, Batman's death is certainly something that seems likely in third and final Dark Knight film.

When we last saw the Caped Crusader he was on the run from the law after taking the fall for crimes committed by District Attorney Harvey Dent. Set forward to this film eight years later, we find Bruce in retirement after temporarily hanging up the mantle. From what the trailers and TV spots have shown us is that Bruce is old and weakened in this film. Is this perhaps a sign of things to come for the Dark Knight?

Since this is the last film in Nolan's trilogy, it's fitting that he would want to wrap up Bruce's story full circle. Blockbuster trilogies rarely get fitting conclusions anymore. Comic book movies such as Spider-Man 3 and X-Men 3 ended either too softly or with unresolved cliffhangers while other franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3 simply conclude by trying to set up sequels. It's a money-focused market where filmmakers don't have to power to do anything drastic to their films or characters that belong to high-grossing franchises. However, Nolan is not your usual director and it's likely that DC might let him conclude his story by having Bruce Wayne die while preventing future filmmakers from butchering his franchise with bad sequels.

To truly understand the enormity of the problem Warner Bros themselves face post Dark Knight Rises, is to look at what Nolan has achieved with his work on the Batman films. To take a product that was considered dead in the water after back-t0-back critical flops and turning it into a billion dollar franchise is an undisputed achievement which DC aren't likely to achieve again. Warner Bros have finished with Harry Potter and finishing with Batman and now left needing a new blockbuster hero. Will that be Superman? I doubt it.

Warner Bros don't have another big time superhero to turn to. Man of Steel faces an uphill battle to win over sceptics that find Superman unrelatable, while 2011's Green Lantern killed off any potential for a Flash movie. They need a superhero property that keeps their presence felt in a market where rivals Marvel are currently dominating. Once Nolan's Batman trilogy wraps up, DC only has Superman left to compete. Even then, Man of Steel finds itself up against Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 in the same year.

I don't think Batman is going to die in The Dark Knight Rises. While studio factors are definitely a part of the reason, I just feel Nolan simply doesn't have to have Bruce Wayne die in order to complete his story. I think Gotham will realise Batman is their true white knight, and the film will end with Bruce Wayne going in to hiding akin to the ending of Frank Miller's masterpiece, The Dark Knight Returns.

As a side note, one of the best Batman comic books of the modern age contains Bruce's former sidekick Dick Grayson as the Caped Crusader. Batman doesn't need Bruce Wayne anymore. As said by Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins, "as a symbol I can be everlasting". A new face behind the mask means Warner Bros won't need to reboot the Batman franchise while leaving Nolan's trilogy intact.

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Zombie Film Review

Lucio Fulchi's Zombie was released on 1980. The film is also known as Zombie Flesh-Eaters. Zombie tells the story of a doctor who lives on an island in the Caribbean. The doctor spends his time doing experiments with humans who are also half-zombie. Although the work sounds strange, the doctor's intentions are genuine as he is trying to find out what is causing the epidemic of half-turned humans.

During the same time, an empty boat is found in the harbor of New York. The captain of the boat is missing and his daughter then attempts to locate him. This mission takes her to the Caribbean island where the zombie outbreak is occurring. After the woman's arrival viewers learn that the entire island is in danger of the flesh-eating zombies.

People familiar with Fulchi's films will be used to the film's gritty style. Those not familiar might feel daunted by some of the scenes that are slow-paced. While the film is action packed, the pace does drag and can seem tedious.

Zombie is not the best film that Fulchi made, but it has some very interesting scenes. In one part of the film a zombie battles a shark. The scene seems ridiculous and does not fit with the overall feel of the film. As with other Fulchi flicks, Zombie does not shy away from blood and gore. It is obvious that some scenes are for shock value. Unfortunately these scenes do not really add to the storyline. Those who enjoy dramatic death scenes will enjoy the film.

There are better films in the horror genre than Zombie. The problems with the film outweigh the good. Even though the film was released in 1980, the special effects are extremely low quality. The film has a dirty look that might appeal to some. The beginning of the film is also extremely long. Unfortunately the long duration does little to develop to the storyline. Even with the long introduction, the zombie outbreak is never really explained in great detail. There is also not much of an explanation as to why the inhabitants of the island are turning into flesh eaters.

The ending is somewhat of a twist ending and is something that is unexpected. However, the ending does not make up for the low-quality effects and lack of a good storyline. Other Fulchi movies that might be of interest include The House by the Cemetery and City of the Living Dead.

Go to Upcoming Zombie Movies for film news and reviews.

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Purposeful Practice - Dancing With the Stars Edition

Ever wonder why Dancing with the Stars is being dominated by former athletes? Most people jump to the conclusion that it is a result of their physical prowess. Certainly this does not hurt them, but I know many highly accomplished athletes who are horrible dancers. For every Donald Driver, Shawn Johnson, Apolo Anton Ohno and Emmitt Smith there is a Monica Seles, Clyde (note nickname "The Glide," which at least suggests dancing skills) Drexler, Natalie Coughlin and Ron Artest (Aka Metta World Peace) who bow out early.

Before I get too far into this let me make this disclaimer, I've never watched Dancing with the Stars. That said it is safe to say, I am about as far from being an authority on both dancing and this show as possible. However, I do know something about performance and developing skills, and that will be how I approach this topic.

I suspect a big reason that athletes seem to dominate this competition is related to how they practice and evolve through the competition. To be a successful athlete at the highest level requires that you not only spend a lot of time practicing, but that the practice is purposeful. Purposeful practice has several characteristics, including but not limited to the following: it is centered on progress rather than results, it is deliberate, and it is highly focused on going just beyond your current limits.

When the average person practices, they want to spend 90% of their time practicing what they already do well. The highly accomplished athlete knows that he must spend the majority of his or her time working on things that they are not currently good at, but which will make them much better over time. The goal of purposeful practice is always the same: progress. We learn almost everything through making mistakes. That's how we learned to walk and talk and that's how we progress.

Additionally, most athletes at the highest level are striving to get better even once they reach the higher levels of their sport. Not to take anything away from the other competitors invited to compete on Dancing with the Stars, but most of them get comfortable with their craft once they achieve success.

Once a comedian has a successful routine, they stick with it for years or longer and are more likely to hire writers than continually work at getting better. Likewise, most actors and actresses tend to play the same kind of parts throughout their careers and when studying usually spend 90% of their practice on things they are good at. They are not actively trying to get better everyday with purposeful practice like most high level athletes.

Most athletes who reach the highest level of their sport also possess the mental edge necessary to master nearly any skill they choose to pursue. So if you combine their mental edge with purposeful practice, it is quite predictable that the athletes will improve much more throughout the process of the show than their competitors. You don't have to be athletic to sing and I suspect if they come out with a show called (please no) 'Singing with the Stars,' that it is entirely likely that athletes would dominate it as well for the same reasons I stated above.

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What I Learned From The Bucket List?

We all have certain movies that can teach us something at one point or another. One such movie that taught me about living life to the fullest and taking ACTION was "The Bucket List".

The movie where corporate billionaire Edward Cole (played by Jack Nicholson) and working class mechanic Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman) meet in a hospital.

Both men bond because of their common terminal illnesses and was told by the doctor that they do not have much time to live. Both made a list of what they want to accomplish before they leave the world. They decide to live their lives to the ultimate fullest.

They went sky-diving, tried high adrenaline race car driving, eat dinner at the most expensive restaurant in France, ride motorcycles on the Great Wall of China, visit Taj Mahal in India, sit atop the Great Pyramid and even sing their lungs out for the lions in African Safari!

Those few months they spent striking off the list, were the most wonderful moments of their entire lives!

A bucket list is a list of all the goals you want to achieve, dreams you want to fulfill, skills you want to learn and the experiences you desire to experience in your lifetime.

Before I watched the movie, I already have my bucket list, however, either I did very little, or did nothing to make those list of things come to pass.

After watching the movie, I reviewed my list, decided that I should get busy and take action in accomplishing those list of things.

Indeed, having a bucket list can be an interesting life changing evolution. You can be flexible and if some become irrelevant you can change it and add new things as they come along.

The beauty of having the list is that you will gain laser focus and have crystal clear clarity on what you want from your life - it is discovering your inner self!

The list of things can be as simple as watch the sunset or as adventurous as sky-diving, the idea is we need to start living for the present and have fun in the current moment. Do the things that you have always wanted to do, never forget to appreciate the little things that makes you smile and bring joy to your heart.

Have you started on your own bucket list? If you have, that's awesome! If you have not, it is never to late to start writing one today!

Enjoy your journey of creating, accomplishing and checking off the things on your list. Each time you have accomplished a goal on the list, be thankful the experience will definitely be exhilarating!

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Silent Era's Bad Girls

Anita Page

Nineteen twenty-eight, Ann played by Anita Page. She chased men for their money and drank as much as she wanted too. In "Our Dancing Daughters" she starred along with Joan Crawford as Diana and Ben played by Johnny Mack Brown. At a time when, flamboyance was honored and women onscreen did what they pleased.

The movie also dealt with the conflict between the two women and Ben. As much as Diana loved him, she put him off with her inhibited dancing and flirting with other men. It was Ann that came to his side while Diana suffered watching the two of them together.

The movie offered the audiences then, an opening scene where a woman danced in her shimmy in front of a mirror. Also, it showed a passionate love scene at a beach. After all; it was the Jazz Age and the bad girls in movies. They enjoyed every minute of their freedom.

The movie had an interesting mix of background sound effects and recorded singing for a few of the scenes. It was still considered a silent film because the actors spoke no dialogue. A few years later, a production code limited the explicitness shown onscreen.

Gloria Swanson

Nineteen twenty-eight, Gloria Swanson starred in "Sadie Thompson." It was a compelling drama and for her a signature role. Lionel Barrymore played a reformer bent on teaching the islanders to repent their ways. It was Sadie that became his focus. In fact, he used whatever means he could to get her sent back to San Francisco.

The movie captured the idea of sin versus redemption, guilt or innocence, the temptation of lust and sincere heartfelt love. Also, the question of Sadie's past that haunted her future. But it was to Sadie's advantage that forced her to go along with the idea to repent.

She quit wearing heavy make-up, rid herself of her flashy clothes and jewelry. It was the plain Sadie that caused the reformer sleepless nights. The movie's end saw Sadie back to her old ways. However, she got what she wanted all along.

Even with the content and the threat of censorship, the silent movie was well received and Gloria Swanson became "Sadie" the bad girl making her a huge box-office star.

Greta Garbo

Nineteen twenty-eight, Greta Garbo starred in "A Woman Of Affairs." Indeed, she was. The story started out with three friends, Diana Merrick played by Garbo, Neville Holderness played by John Gilbert and David Furness played by Johnny Mack Brown. Her brother, Jeffery Merrick was played by Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

When Neville's father sent him to Egypt in order to make money, Diana was distraught. She married David. When in Paris, he plunged out of their hotel window The question became how would such a happy man do such a thing? With her brother turning against her and also much of society, Diana spent her time getting involved in affairs with other men.

After seven years away, Diana returned to London. However, Neville married a woman named Constance. The story revolved around being so much in love while married to someone else. It was also doing the right thing for decency. At what price, they paid with their lives.

The movie was a hit only because of Garbo's portrayal of Diana. It was not so much about being bad as it was about being so much in love and what it drove her character to do. - Sometimes being silent speaks volumes.

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The Decline of Modern Theatre - A Reality or Simply Industry Paranoia?

There has been much concern over recent years that the medium of theatre is failing in its popularity; there have been speculative comments that as a result of the economic downturn it is becoming more difficult than ever for rising talents to find opportunity for success, as more and more people seem to bypass the theatre in lieu of cheaper alternatives.

The increasing prominence of digital media is something that many people argue has created a situation in which a director can have almost immediate access to any already successful actor whom they want in their role with comparative ease, which leaves little in the way of opportunity for new talent to be recognised. This seems to be supported by the fact that so many lead roles in top West End shows appear to have celebrity names cast in them.

The TV talent searches conducted by Andrew Lloyd Webber might have to shoulder some of the responsibility here. Shows such as 'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?' met with great success, however it essentially provided a shortcut to theatrical success that many long-standing professionals feel is simply not conducive to theatrical performance.

Imminent stars such as Ian Mckellen have warned in recent years that Britain's reputation for producing exceptional stagecraft is at serious risk if the focus on an actual career path isn't instilled in the rising talent of today. He expressed his belief that he feels that the focus has now shifted to instant gratification in the form of money and overnight fame; meaning that youthful talent simply isn't nurtured and developed in the way it once was.

Whilst there is certainly some truth to this statement, this is far from the full picture. The medium of theatre has survived through two world wars, great depressions, economic boom and bust; theatre will adapt, because good theatre is always relevant. Many would argue that theatre becomes even more relevant in times of austerity - humans are the story-telling species after all.

At times when human experience is rich, whether in times of feast or famine, human beings will instinctively feel the compulsion to document and to relate. There can be no doubt that the rising dominance of digital media and the ease of which various forms of entertainment can now be accessed has presented somewhat of a challenge to theatre, this is by no means a threat to its long-term survival however. It will evolve; as it has through innumerous social changes since its conception in ancient Greece and it's roots in our 'story telling' ancestral past.

If you would like to prove the naysayers wrong and show your support for contemporary theatre and all the top West End shows,, can provide you with further information and booking details.

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The Best Saturday Night Live in Years

On May 19, SNL's host was (Sir, please) Mick Jagger. The show was 2012's season finale, and it featured an amazing array of rockers, returning cast members, and surprising cameos.

Jon Hamm opened the show as a swarthy Italian who romances the creepy Lawrence Welk singer Dooneese (Kristin Wiig). An almost unrecognizable Steve Martin showed up in "The Californians," an original sketch for a change. Jagger was a star of the show, supposedly shown on the Soap Channel. It featured an all-blonde cast with unintelligible accents - that used to be called "Valley" - who manage to turn every conversation into highway directions. (That was next week's host Josh Brolin as the doctor.)

The tedious "Secret Word" sketch, in which Kristin Wiig plays the same character making the same mistake over and over and over, displayed originality for the first time. Jagger portrayed an uber-gay veteran actor as a guest celebrity.

Jagger also showed a gift for comedy as a shy insurance salesman spending time with convention colleagues at a Rolling Stones karaoke night. After horrible renditions by the others, and Jagger's reticence to perform in front of a group, the rest of them leave. Alone, he gives a quiet recitation of "Satisfaction." Jagger also parodied Steven Tyler and a J.P. Morgan executive.

Jagger did double duty as the musical guest, performing with The Foo Fighters, and it was novel to see Dave Grohl essentially doing backup. Among other songs, he did "The Last Time" with Arcade Fire, a Stones song they haven't performed in years. Jagger sang the blues in a song he wrote about the presidential election (backed fantastically by Jeff Beck ). The song included one vulgar word seldom heard on TV, starting with S (big deal), and some affiliates immediately went to commercial. However, the hours between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM have FCC-approved "safe harbor," during which there's a bit of wiggle room. The end of the show featured Kristin Wiig as a new graduate, which moved on to a medley of "She's a Rainbow" and "Ruby Tuesday" to bid farewell after Wiig's seven years on SNL.

The goodbye to Kristin Wiig seemed to take over the end of the show. She has been overused for years. The producers seemed to use her as the "default woman" in endless sketches, some incredibly repetitive, and as a result it was easy to get sick of her. SNL has had good times and bad times, but it will clearly be around for a long time.

The waving goodbye at the end of the show was crowded with the huge number of featured musicians, returning cast members and cameo actors. But it was such a sendoff of Wiig that Mick Jagger wasn't even in the middle of the stage. Goodbye, Kristin. Enough already.

Some TV shows have been on for a long, long time. Saturday Night Live is one of them. Do you remain an audience member through the cast changes that have taken place for 37 years? The shows come and go, but once in a while there's one that's simply the best.

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Snow White and the Huntsman Movie Review

If you're unfamiliar with my movie reviews, here's the way it works: I go check out the latest movie everyone is talking about, drink an astonishing amount of diet soda, and then report back to you, looking for as many things to make fun of as this space allows, while trying to strike a balance with the positive highlights. Welcome. Let's get started.

THE GOOD: What we have here is an attempt at taking the most mild-mannered and somewhat pathetic princess in history, and giving her a backbone. This is not your childhood fairy tale version, with whistling dwarves and a helpless girl in a dress, running around with her hand over her mouth, always looking surprised. It's a much darker and creepier scene playing out, which frankly adds to the appeal in my opinion.

Left motherless as a small child, Snow White (played by Kristin Stewart) has to adjust to life with her stepmother Raveena (Charlize Theron) who is the epitome of the word, "self absorbed". When it becomes clear that Mommy Dearest has nothing good in store for her, Snow White escapes into the forest where she encounters all sorts of creepy things brought on by hallucinogenic spores, and where she also first meets the Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth), who is somewhat a nice hallucination of sorts himself. Sent to kill her, the Huntsman is faced with the decision of serving the wicked Queen, or helping Snow White escape. And as the bad boy he is, you can imagine what he chooses to do.

There were a lot of positive's in this film for me----the visual effects were stunning, and Charlize Theron is so terrifying as the Queen that I found myself considering ways to make myself less attractive so I wouldn't risk encountering her soul sucking vanity. I even have to admit that Kristin Stewart, who I am not particularly impressed with as an actress, was perfect for the role----not only because it required very little facial expression, but because THIS Snow White isn't exactly "girly"---and let's face it, Ms. Stewart has never been known for acting ladylike. And to round things out, Chris Hemsworth with a Scottish accent is the stuff dreams are made of. Thank you.

THE BAD: I mentioned previously that there were no whistling dwarves in this version, but rest assured that dwarves ARE present and accounted for----they just aren't particularly cute and snuggly little buggers. I didn't mind the fact that they were all a little rough looking, but I found myself completely unable to understand what they were saying from time to time. I'm still not sure if it was the British accents or if they were all, in fact, a bunch of mumblers.

THE UGLY: There was certainly no shortage of icky things to see in this movie: Stabbings, internal organ removals, and the Queen eating the still warm heart of a dead animal to name a few. Still, when you are faced with the glaring possibility that the Queen and her weirdo brother seem to have some sort of incestuous thing going on, all else pales in comparison. I don't have a brother, but if I did, I'd like to think that he wouldn't feel the need to watch me take a bath, nor would I feel inclined to chat it up with him as I step into a giant pool of milk. But that's just how I roll.

Bottom line, if you like your fairy tales on the darker side, with the fair maiden being less "helpless" and more "ragged mess", then this is the version for you.

The Trophy Wife gives this movie 4 trophies.

Snow White and the Huntsman has a running time of 127 minutes and is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief sensuality. (No F words used)

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Television Influence on Small Children

The Greek and Latin languages are where the word 'television' has its origin. The word is a derivative from 'tele', which is a Greek word translates, to 'far sight' and 'visio' is a Latin word that means 'sight.' In the latter part of the 1930s, the television made its way to the commercial markets. These days, television is the single most popular type of audio-visual in commercial set-ups and home. Merely mentioning the word 'television' calls to mind a medium which assists individuals in keeping abreast with entertainment issues and current affairs. No longer is the television set a single communication unit. The television has evolved in the complexity of the design to transmit recorded material that is stored on Blu-ray discs, laser discs, DVDs and video cassettes.

Television History

The television history spans over time zones and regions, in view of the fact that the technology has evolved in different places and at different times. This communication system, as it is known these days, is not the brainchild of any one specific inventor. The process has taken the endeavours of a number of engineers, over several decades, to develop along various overlapping designs, to utilize commonly accepted electronic and mechanical principles. Despite the fact that electromechanical television sets have been abandoned for the completely electronic, ultra-modern designs, the fundamental design rests on the discovery of selenium photo-conductivity in 1873. That discovery which was made by Willoughby Smith brought about the scanning disk invention from Paul Gottlieb Nipkow in 1884. In 1926, a demonstration of televised moving images was carried out by John Logie Baird, that technology was joined with the image dissector that was designed in 1927 by Philo Farnsworth, to provide viewers with the fundamental principles of the television that we currently know.

These days, the world of television is discovered by children at an incredibly tender age. A number of studies have indicated that kids who are younger than 6 years old watch television, DVD or video on a daily basis, at an average of 2 hours. In a number of instances, watching television can be useful, particularly the wildlife and educational programs that have the capacity to broaden the understanding and knowledge of your child in relation to the world around him or her. In addition, it can introduce them to a variety of communities and cultures of the world. However, at the moment the negative effects are seemingly outweighing the uplifting ones.

The Negative Influences of Television on Children

The formative years in the life of child, particularly the first two to three years, are vital to the mental growth and development of the child. Those are the years in which a child learns by way of interacting, observing, playing and discovering new things. As a result, these first few years are extremely vital for the physical and mental development. Therefore, a pattern of watching television excessively could hinder his or her social activities such as spending quality time with members of the family, reading and playing with friends.

There are a number of television programs that portray extreme violence and this could induce lots of changes in behaviour in young children. In view of the fact that kids can relate easily to what is being shown on the television screen, they will be more prone to imitating the behaviour that is depicted. As a result, you may notice aggressive behaviour in your child. In addition, it could cause the little one to develop sleeping disorders and have nightmares because his or her sense of anxiety and fear has been stimulated by what is shown on the television. In addition to this, it will possibly result in creating confusion in the mind of the young child as it relates to knowing the difference between good and bad. That is because parents most likely teach their kids that aggression and violence is bad but the program on the television will possibly show the heroes or 'good guys' perpetrating violence.

Apart from the violence, drinking and smoking scenes are depicted widely in commercials and television programs, without giving an explanation of the unfavourable consequences. The repeated and continuous exposure to these programs will make children feel as though these activities are quite acceptable and normal. As a result, kids who watch these programs on a regular basis are a great deal more likely to mimic and develop these unhealthy habits from an early stage in their development.

In the developed world, obesity is a widespread problem and television is among the important factors that are responsible for the increasing incidences of obesity among kids. Excessive watching of television decreases physical activities of the kids and simultaneously amplifies the popularity of unhealthy foods, such as potato chips, soft drinks and other snacks that they see on the commercials.

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The Avengers Movie's Success

The Avengers is a film produced by the Marvel Studios and released in 2012. It is a superhero film based on the superhero team from the Marvel Comics. The screenplay was written by Joss Whedon and is distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The cast of the Avengers film has famous actors such as Robert Downey Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson and additional cast members: Cobie Smulders, Chris Hemsworth, Clark Gregg, Chris Evans, Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner among others.

The Disney Company decided to change the title of the film in the United Kingdom. Instead of Marvel's Avengers it was released as Marvel's Avengers Assemble. This is because the company did not want the public to confuse the film with a TV series in the UK that has the same name. The film had its world premiere on April 11th 2012, at the El Capitan Theatre in California. The film broke many box office records immediately after its release on that day. The Avengers film made a record $207,438,708 during its first weekend at the theaters. This is a noteworthy record because Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 managed to acquire $169.2 million in its first weekend after the premiere. In its first week, the film broke the Dark Knight's 2008 record of $238.6 million by bringing in $270.019 million in ticket sales.

The Avenger's film received positive reviews by many notable critics. For example, the film got a 93% rating from the Rotten Tomatoes, which is a review aggregator website. It also obtained an average 8.1 points on 10 from the overall 267 reviews. CinemaScore gave the film an A+ grade based on the audience reviews. Another review from Metacritic showed the film received a score of 69 out of 100, due to the aggregation of 43 reviews.

The factors that contribute to the success of the movie are the stars, careful planning, as well as the original content. The stars of the film were all main characters in their various films and Marvel Comic books. When they came together, the fans wanted to know what would happen in the film, making the film a box office hit. The directors and producers of the film took the time to plan the film and released several teasers and one commercial spot in the Super Bowl. These actions increased the hype of the film, and many people looked forward to the premiere of the film.

The film did not make any changes to the characters, and they appeared just as they did in their previous films and comic books. The only character who underwent some changes was the Hulk. He was greener in the first Hulk film released in 2003, and the 2008 Hulk was too masculine. The film director decided to reduce the Hulk's green color and minimize his muscled appearance in the Avengers Film. The actors also showed their professionalism and dedication, by bringing out all the emotions required, despite the fact that it is an action film. In the film, there was no main character because all the characters worked as a team and each of them had their own moment to shine. The film's special effects, as well as the action, proved worth watching and increased the film's appreciation by the audience. Another important factor in the success of the Avengers is the dedication of the director/ producer Joss Whedon. He developed the story from the comic characters and did not try to create a completely new story that deviated from the comic characters.

The character of Bruce Banner enhanced the success of the film. Mark Ruffalo played the roles of the brilliant, yet cynical Dr. Banner and the Hulk in the film. He brought out the characters in such a marvellous way, enhancing the film's reception. He brought out the Hulk's character well by refreshing the character. He also brought out the geeky and irritated character of Dr. Banner in a spectacular way. Many critics appreciated the film's plot in addition to the character's dialogues.

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