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Zombie Film Review

Lucio Fulchi's Zombie was released on 1980. The film is also known as Zombie Flesh-Eaters. Zombie tells the story of a doctor who lives on an island in the Caribbean. The doctor spends his time doing experiments with humans who are also half-zombie. Although the work sounds strange, the doctor's intentions are genuine as he is trying to find out what is causing the epidemic of half-turned humans.

During the same time, an empty boat is found in the harbor of New York. The captain of the boat is missing and his daughter then attempts to locate him. This mission takes her to the Caribbean island where the zombie outbreak is occurring. After the woman's arrival viewers learn that the entire island is in danger of the flesh-eating zombies.

People familiar with Fulchi's films will be used to the film's gritty style. Those not familiar might feel daunted by some of the scenes that are slow-paced. While the film is action packed, the pace does drag and can seem tedious.

Zombie is not the best film that Fulchi made, but it has some very interesting scenes. In one part of the film a zombie battles a shark. The scene seems ridiculous and does not fit with the overall feel of the film. As with other Fulchi flicks, Zombie does not shy away from blood and gore. It is obvious that some scenes are for shock value. Unfortunately these scenes do not really add to the storyline. Those who enjoy dramatic death scenes will enjoy the film.

There are better films in the horror genre than Zombie. The problems with the film outweigh the good. Even though the film was released in 1980, the special effects are extremely low quality. The film has a dirty look that might appeal to some. The beginning of the film is also extremely long. Unfortunately the long duration does little to develop to the storyline. Even with the long introduction, the zombie outbreak is never really explained in great detail. There is also not much of an explanation as to why the inhabitants of the island are turning into flesh eaters.

The ending is somewhat of a twist ending and is something that is unexpected. However, the ending does not make up for the low-quality effects and lack of a good storyline. Other Fulchi movies that might be of interest include The House by the Cemetery and City of the Living Dead.

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