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Vicky Donor: Good Times

Indian Cinema is coming up with some surprising ventures. From indie movies to revolutionary movies, we have it all. This week sees the release of Vicky Donor, a movie that speaks about something that less than ten percent people would talk about in mixed company - sperm donation. Here is a complete review of the movie, Vicky Donor. [rating:3]

Vicky Donor, though the name suggests that is a movie about the donor Vicky, is about a doctor who has an infertility clinic, and therefore has a sperm bank in Delhi, Dr. Baldev Chaddha. Chaddha has some problems with getting a good sperm donor for his bank, and it seems that his problems will be getting solved if Vicky Arora agrees to become a sperm donor. After all, he comes from the Aryan race, which makes his sperm the strongest in this world.

Of course, sperm donating is still taboo in India, and Vicky does not agree at first, but later on does it for a number of reasons. Though he does not want the money, he does it because Dr. Chaddha tries to question whether he can actually become a father. Vicky falls for the trap, and in the meantime in love too, with a Bong beauty. This goes on for four years, and Vicky changes the fortunes of his mother, who runs a beauty parlor, with his ever loving grandmother looking on.

While everything goes well for Vicky on the professional front, he finds out that his would be wife is a divorcee, but after the initial problems that both families profess, it all goes well and the wedding takes place. It is only when the couple find out that the wife cannot conceive, that everything comes crumbling down on Vicky, his wife and everyone that is related to them. To find out what happens afterwards, watch the movie.

Vicky Donor is a slick, slick movie. It has a crackling screenplay and the dialogues are atrociously funny. We always believed that the actual spine of the movie is the background and supporting characters, and Vicky Donor proves us right once again. The whisky guzzling, dancing mother-in-law, daughter-in-law duo, the mousy nurse at the reception of Dr. Chaddha, the assistant who has his fifth child, all these individuals that add their own hue and spice to this already highly interesting movie.

Of course, the movie thrives on the shoulders of Annu Kapoor, the veteran actor who seems to have either been ignored largely by the film industry, or maybe he did not take the roles that were offered to him. It is surprising to see that such a great actor is only remembered as the 'Antakshari host' and not for his roles.

The art direction has several tongue and cheek references to Chhaddha's profession. All around him are sperms - well, fake ones - whether it's his car dangler, or his table top decoration, you can see a sperm icon everywhere. It takes a very good movie to pull this off, and well, Vicky Donor is right on the button.

The two actors that are introduced in the movie, Aryamann and Yami Gautam have the acting chops required. Aryamann and Yami have a good enough chemistry, and the entire angle of the Bong marrying a Punjabi is quite over the top, funny and relevant. It is refreshing to see that at least one film agrees that other caste marriages are not as simple as they are being depicted.

Of course the movie has flaws - there's no movie without flaws. The main one is where Yami Gautam's character, a very independent, intelligent woman - and a bank employee to boot - marries a man without checking what his business is. I mean, come on, if a bank employee is going to marry a businessman, wouldn't she want to see where his office is, how much is his annual turnover, what are his assets, and such? Well, maybe the phrase 'love makes everything happen' is the reply to this single flaw in the movie.

Then again, we understand that the movie makers wanted to add a serious note to what sperm donation is doing to the country, but somewhere, we felt that if that message was given in a more solid way, Vicky Donor wouldn't just have been an intimately funny movie, but an intimately funny movie with a message.

Roy D writes for Filmystan, the best resource for Hollywood and Bollywood movie reviews.

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