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New 'Avengers' Flick Churned Out Major Action, Explosions And More

Marvel Studios released a new super hero movie "The Avengers" into theaters. I checked it out, and I thought it was quite fun to watch because it served up major action right from the start, and never stopped.

In fact, the action and tensions got even more scorching hot as the movie progressed along. In the new film, Thor's evil, really crazy, brother Loki came flying through a dimensional portal that was produced by an energy source that Nick Fury and the SHIELD group was playing around with, known as the Tesseract.

As soon as Loki arrived, he began a mad tare, murdering a lot of people, and used his energy staff to get certain people to perform his bidding, including Hawkeye and physicist consultant Dr. Erik Selvig.

This swiftly prompted Nick Fury to resurrect the old "Avengers" strategy, that was previously deactivated, in an attempt to deal with the dangers Loki posed on the earth. Once all the heroes were recruited into action, they were able to obtain Loki and imprison him. Unfortunately, it was too late, since he already set an operation in gear to open a portal with the Tesseract that would let his evil army to enter the world.

At some point, Loki's men attacked the SHIELD ship, allowing Loki to get free, and that's when the real madness commenced. Bruce transformed into the Hulk, and started tearing up the ship they were on, a huge gunfight broke out, and it turned into total Chaos in the sky.

Towards the end of the film, Loki used physicist consultant Dr. Erik Selvig, with mind control, to open the portal, which let in all of Loki's evil, monster army, and they totally began killing off almost everything. The Avengers teamed up to ward them off as best they could, however, unless they sealed the portal, the drama would continue.

At some point, they were able to discover a remedy, and blow up the source of the monsters' power. However, it truly was anything but uncomplicated. The movie was fantastic to view, because it served up a great deal of elements, including some excellent humor with Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Ironman. It also provided some hardcore showdown, fight, scenes, and extreme explosions. It was very wicked.

I also liked how they gave, almost, similar screen time to all the heroes, and genuinely displayed their strengths. It really served up a fascinating dynamic, especially between Bruce Banner and Tony Stark as they are both extremely smart.

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