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As an avid movie watcher myself I am always looking for the newest and best ways to get quality movies online. I admit I've gone to those illegal P2P sites and taken movies from them, but I stopped after I got several viruses that seriously messed up my computer.

So I asked myself 'how do I watch movies online but still save money?' I had gotten fed up with the expensive movie rental prices and the terrible late fees that came with them. All of the legitimate online programs however, charged an arm and a leg to rent movies, or didn't have a wide enough selection. So my search continued. That's when I found FullMovies, an online database that seemed to be the answer to my movie watching woes.

First thing I asked myself when I saw it; is FullMovies a scam? It seemed too good to be true, and as a college student who was tight on money, I was always extremely cautious when spending my cash online. After reading other reviews however, I felt that it looked pretty legitimate and I decided to give it a try despite the risks. After paying the one time entrance fee for a one-year subscription, I signed up on the site and began browsing their selection.

I was amazed. The site was so easy to navigate and incredibly user friendly. I just couldn't believe it. Just a few clicks and I was already downloading a newly released movie! While that was downloading I checked out what else it had to offer. It had every movie I could think of, plus THOUSANDS more! This site had everything and the database was constantly being added to with new releases! On top of that it was so easy to find a movie. The movies could be organized by title, actors/actresses, and release date!

As a person who reviews often, I have to say that this movie site is one of the best I've seen by far. It has everything you could want, is incredibly safe, user friendly, and has constant updates with new movies! On top of that it is so cheap compared to the amount of money you would spend actually renting all of these movies that you save hundreds! I strongly recommend FullMovies to anyone who wants to save some cash and get unlimited access to thousands of movies!

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