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2012 LG TV Lineup - Features and Benefits

Plasma TV Line-up

The entry level range from LG throws up two models, the PA4500 and the PA6500.

The PA4500 is the replacement for the outgoing PT250, and is the only non-Full HD offering in the range. Not too much notable difference from last year in terms of spec, besides an aesthetic makeover and a little improvement on the energy rating.

The PA6500 is the same specs as the PA4500 - but in Full HD resolution. The only other difference is an extra HDMI plug (up to three form two) and a "Metal Line Design" which is a brushed aluminium look on the front bezel.

The higher end of Plasma introduces us to the PM6700, a replacement for the outgoing PZ570.The PM6700 is a Full HD, 3D Smart TV - offering built in Wi-Fi which is a first for LG, as in previous seasons you needed to purchase a Wi-Fi Dongle on all but the 9500 LED model. Another new fantastic feature is Wi-Di (see below). The PM6700 also boasts THX3D display certification, 2D-3D conversion, Time Machine recording, a Magic Motion Remote with Voice as well as a new Triple-XD processing engine. One pair of 3d Glasses are also included in the box.


LG's entry level models comprise of a Full HD LCD, and several sizes of regular HD panels.

The CS460 is available in 42" Full HD LCD format, which boasts an improved contrast ratio over the outgoing LK330 it's replacing, as well a slight cosmetic makeover. In 22", 26" and 32" guise, the CS460 is regular HD and traditional LCD format.

The popular LV3300 model from last year is replaced with the LS3450, which has the same entry level specs as the CS460, however with LED backlighting. The 42" size is Full HD, while the 32" size is regular HD.

The final model in LG's entry level range is the LS3500, which is a regular HD LED and available in 22", 26" and 32" sizes. The middle of the range models start to introduce us to some very cool features like Dual Play (See below), as well as some incorporating 3D, Wi-Fi built in and Local Dimming.

The LS4600 is an entry level Full HD LED, with 50Hz processing and no 3D or Smart TV. These are available in 32", 42" and 47" sizes.

Stepping up to the LS5700 gives you Smart TV functionality, 100Hz processing, and the ability to upgrade to Magic Motion remote or Wi-Fi (ie. Wi-Fi Ready). The LS5700 is also the first in the range to incorporate Wi-Di and Time Machine functionality. These are available in 32" and 42" sizes only.

The next level up is the LM6200 available in 32" right up to 65". These models boast LG's new Triple XD engine, the famous Cinema 3D, 100Hz processing and an 8,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Micro Pixel control is a a new feature as is 3D sound zooming. Wi-Di is also built in to these models.

Jumping up to the LM6700 gives you built in Wi-Fi, built in Magic Motion Remote capability and a feature which will have gamers drooling - Dual Play (see below). The aesthetics of this range really hots up, with what LG are calling "Cinema Screen Design". This is edge to edge slim bezel design and the floating stand. The LM6700 is available in 42", 47" and 55" sizes.

From here we jump into the high end of the models, starting with the LM7600 which should represent the bulk of LGs big panel sales this year. These have all of the features of the LM6700 but with a faster 200Hz processor. Available sizes are 42", 47" and 55".

The LM8600 is a stunning set, boasting a 10,000,000:1 Contrast ratio, Cinema Screen Design, a 200Hz processor and Micro pixel Control. As well as Dual Play, Wi-Di, built in Wi-Fi, and Smart Remote Voice - the one new feature will people will sit up and notice is LGs new Dual Core CPU. This provides for a much faster Smart TV browsing experience. This range is available in in 47" and 55" sizes only.

Here's one for the "Size Matters" Freaks! LG's LM9500 model will be available in a mammoth 72" size this year! As well as a 10,000,000:1 Contrast ratio, the set boasts Wi-Di, Wi-Fi built in, Dual Play, Dual Core Processor and an elegant Real Metal Design.

Which brings us to the flagship, top of the line, LM9600. This Set has NANO Full LED technology (See below), a 400Hz processor, and the slimmest bezel in the range (besides the later to be released OLED models).

Glossary - New Features Explained

Wi-Di- In times gone by, to duplicate your PC screen onto your TV the only way to do this was via a RGB or HDMI cable. Wi-Di, or "Wireless Display" allows PC's or tablets with compatible Wi-Di technology to stream an exact duplicate of the screen to your TV without any wired connection.

Magic Remote Voice- Last year's LG's Magic Motion Remote allowed you to navigate its Smart TVs like a Wii - this year's remote improves with a scrollable click wheel and some new voice recognition functionality. The microphone in the remote sends your voice to your Smart TV, which converts it to text - making things easier than typing character-by-character while you wave your arm around in the air.

MHL - stands for Mobile HD Link, allows the connection of mobile devices such as phones and tablets via a Micro HDMI cable.

2nd display - is basically the opposite of Wi-Di - ie. Streaming TV back to your Smartphone or Tablet via Wi-Fi.

Smart Share Plus- Smart share plus is available on LM9600 and LM8600, and incorporates the two features of MHL and 2nd Display, as well as the Network file browser and Wi-Di available on the regular Smart Share enabled TVs.

Dual Play- LG TVs with Dual play transmit two separate 2D images that can be seen through two different set sets of polarized glasses. So when two players wear the glasses while playing games, they will each see a different image covering the entire screen.

Nano Full LED- A full array of LED backlights, with a thin film of minuscule dots in front, which disperse light evenly and effectively creating a more defined and dynamic contrast.

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