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Albino Farm (2009)

Albino Farm is a 2009 horror film distributed by Anxiety Island Entertainment. It stars Tammin Sursok as Stacey, Sunkrish Bala as Sanjay, Nick Richey as Brian, and Alicia Lagano as Melody. It is written and directed by Joe Anderson and Sean McEwen.

Four friends are working on a history report. They are on the road in search of rural American legends. After get a flat tire, they come upon a small gas station with a blind man in front. He mentions a local legend, but gives very little details. Farther on, they catch site of a large white tent in which a revival is taking place. One of the locals urges them to join but they decline and come upon the small town of Shiloh. After stopping for dinner, they ask around about the Albino Farm that is rumored to be nearby. But they soon discover that there are certain things that are better left unexplored.

It always peaks my interest when a movie is made based on an actual religious scripture. It somehow makes the story more real. In Albino Farm, the scripture is from Leviticus 21:16 which basically says that no person with a physical deformity shall approach the altar of the Lord. This explains why those deformed people were locked away at the Albino Farm. But this also presents a huge hole in the storyline. Everyone in the town of Shiloh had some sort of deformity, which begs the question "Why weren't they locked away at the farm with the others?" We are left to assume that those living in the town and at the revival were ones who chose salvation over being locked away with the "damned souls" at the Albino Farm.

In addition to being based on the scripture, Albino Farm also has a particular scene that truly makes it seem real. The scene where Stacey and Sanjay wake up with their arms sewn together. When I saw that, I could almost feel how painful that would have been. The worst part of that was when they finally ripped them apart. I could barely watch that.

To wrap, if you are looking for a somewhat realistic "redneck" slasher flick, then Albino Farm is definitely up your alley!

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