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American Idol: The Spotlight on the Judges

It was just over a decade ago where we saw the landscape of television change due to the success of the hit tv show, American Idol. The show managed to produce a fair share of talents in every season that kept viewers wanting to see more. Aside from the talent that was showcased, the viewing public also got exposed to three different personalities standing as a judge for the show. Randy Jackson, a well-known producer in the music business, Paula Abdul, a popular singer/dancer and probably the most memorable of them all, Simon Cowell, a music producer from the UK who handled the careers of several musicians and was known for his straightforward opinions which means contestants usually receive harsh criticisms from him without feeling remorse.

The relationship between the judges also became one of the reasons why people tuned in to the show. Paula and Simon's nonstop bickering turned out to be a form of entertainment for most people. However, that trio was not meant to last long as the judges had a change of line-up in the latter years of the show. We've seen the judging panel grow to four when comedian Ellen DeGeneres joined the panel. Some have criticized her for not having enough experience as a judge and for not having enough music credentials. She later left the show after one season. We also saw Kara DioGuardi, a music producer and song writer, join the show. The major turning point of the show would have to be the time when Simon decided to leave the show. Many thought that the show will not continue without his presence but the concern that was in everybody's heads was the question of who was going to replace him. Several names popped up until we saw the entire shake-up in the judging panel.

They were cutting the judges back down to three like how it used to be with Randy Jackson being the only original judge to be retained. It was later announced that he was going to be joined by famous rock star and lead singer of the band, Aerosmith, Steven Tyler and popular singer/dancer/actress Jennifer Lopez. There were mixed reactions regarding the new panel of judges but in the end, the three of them did their best to have some chemistry between each other, much to the delight of the fans. But while some were pleased with the decision, some thought that the three of them were too nice to the contestants and they fail to give enough constructive criticisms like Simon Cowell used to do.

It has now been a problem for talent competitions to be criticized for their selection of judges and not just contestants. Some criticizes them for getting judges only for high ratings instead of producing a good talent molded by a credible set of judges. For a show like American Idol, they have endured these criticisms for more than a decade and it doesn't seem to affect them as they have clearly gained a loyal fan base whoever they put on the judging panel.

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