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All-In-One Thor Review

If you're reading this article at this very moment, you're definitely looking for a Thor review! You don't need to worry about biases on Thor review because in few minutes you will be reading a fairly made review. In this Thor review, expect reading both the high points and low points of this movie. But I have to admit that Thor the movie is a must watch. Just like any other Marvel released movies namely Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and X-Men, this would absolutely give you satisfaction with all its actors and actresses like Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, to the action and adventure thrill it gives, and of course the heroic scenes and stunts Thor have portrayed. Watch out for this all-in-one Thor review!

Thor Review: The Highlights

An hour would not be enough in making a Thor review containing its high points and the positive angles of the movie. That is to say, Thor is such an amazing movie. If you are not a comic fan and you have not read any Marvel comics, watching this movie would give you the urge to read them. Of course, the movie's story is similar to that of the comics yet, with all its renewed lines that turned seriously funny and silly would not stop you from laughing. Another fact is the line up of casts in this movie. A Thor review would not be complete without mentioning how the actors and actresses brought so much character and more life with the roles they play. Natalie Portman who played the role of Jane Forster showed to be the one delivering the punch lines and added up to the levity of the movie. And definitely, not to forget the main character, Thor played by Chris Hemsworth. Thor the movie wasn't really a full-comedy movie, it gets serious when Thor gets to the scene and delivers his lines. You probably know how similar to that of Shakespeare Thor's words were. The last but not the least highlight for a Thor review is how attractive Chris Hemsworth has gone. More ladies would really do see this movie for Chris Hemsworth may be considered an eye candy for ladies. Thor review, this superhero flick is click!

Thor Review: The Low Points

Every movie would not be considered as perfect as it can be. There will always be something that some people won't be considering. As for this Thor review, you'll get to know some down points of Thor the movie. These are absolutely few for Thor has really been a great movie. Number one low point is some serious dialogues and scenes included in the movie. I have to admit that some would not be able to fully-understand the exchange of dialogues all at the same time and you still have to think and process them in your mind. Thor review, seriousness kills the levity.

Thor the movie is available on 2D and 3D and for this Thor review I recommend you to enjoy watching it in 3D.

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