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Batman The Animated Series On Sale

Are you trying to find out where you can get "Batman The Animated Series" on sale? I am going to tell you where you can find it at a good price. Classic television programs like "Batman the Animated Series" never seem to lose their luster. This program featuring the Dark Knight was produced by Warner Brothers and was aired in 1992. It was an attempt at throwback programming at a time when high adventure was the norm in television of the late 1950's and early 1960's.

DC Comics Batman character was highly popular and the animated series touched on many of the themes present in the comic book. Although originally designed as a program that would appeal to children the show became highly followed by an adult audience. The lead character Batman was portrayed by actor Kevin Conroy who took the role and made it his own. In fact to this very day it is debated that Mr. Conroy's portrayal of the voice of Batman is the standard by which others are judged.

The show had all the villains of the Dark Knight in force. Batman's arch enemy the Joker was voiced over by Mark Hamill who shows great range in the dynamics of his characters. The Batman saga is the story of a hero born out of tragedy, young Bruce Wayne while out on the town with his parents witnesses their murder. The traumatic experience changes him forever, and as an adult he becomes a masked avenger fighting crime in Gotham City.

Questions arise as to whether or not Batman is a hero or a vigilante. The Batman is a super hero, but is one of the few who does not have super powers. He is a normal man who is aided by the study of the ancient martial arts and equipped with an array of gadgetry that facilitates his crime fighting efforts. Being a multi billionaire allows Bruce Wayne to provide his alter ego with all the advanced technology he needs to equip Batman with everything from the batmobile to batarangs and the various gas grenades and other equipment Batman is famous for having.

Along the way Bruce Wayne takes on a ward, young Dick Grayson who has also been touched by tragedy. Dick and his family are part of a high wire act at the circus. The rigging of the high wire apparatus is tampered with causing his parents to plummet to their deaths, thus setting the stage for Dick to become Batman's partner in crime fighting, Robin. Together they become the dynamic duo protecting Gotham City from an array of costumed criminals with a variety of strange personality traits. You can find Batman the Animated Series at retail outlets such as Best Buy and Walmart.

"Batman The Animated Series" is one of the classic animated series of recent memories. You deserve to have it in your collection of great entertainment. You can purchase this product at a great price if visit: Batman The Animated Series

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