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Sorority Row (2009)

Sorority Row is a 2009 horror thriller distributed by Summit Entertainment. It stars Briana Evigan as Cassidy, Leah Pipes as Jessica, Rumer Willis as Ellie, Jamie Chung as Claire, and Margo Harshman as "Chugs". The story is written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger. The director is Stewart Hendler.

Megan and her sorority sisters decide to pull a prank on her boyfriend Garrett after it is discovered that he cheated on her. She decides to fake her own death while making out with him. Garrett and the sisters take Megan to a steel mill where they plan to dump her body in the lake. While spreading out to look for sharp rocks to cut apart the body, Garrett, still thinking Megan is already dead for real, stabs her with a tire iron. After contemplating what to do next, they make the decision to dump her body in a mine. Eight months later, they all graduate. While preparing for their final sorority party, each girl involved is sent a picture of the murder weapon in the hands of an unknown character. One by one, the mysterious figure stalks and kills all the girls who know about what happened to Megan until a handful are left to discover the identity of this killer.

If the reader of this review has seen I Know What You Did Last Summer, then the beginning of the story is quite familiar. A group of people accidentally kills another person and decides to cover it up. Some time later, someone else begins to stalk the members of the group about what happened. But it is not exactly what it seems. It follows a somewhat different pattern than the aforementioned film. The killer may not be who many of the clues seem to be indicating. The rest I leave for the reader to discover.

Obviously, if the reader is looking for an original storyline, then this is not to film to see. But some of the death scenes in the film are quite new and elaborate. For example, one of the characters meets her end when a wine bottle is shoved down her throat. Another is the death of Mickey, Claire's boyfriend. As he is stuck in a laundry chute, the killer uses his improvised tire iron weapon to stab him in the throat, despite the fact that it's out of the killer's view.

To wrap, if the reader is looking for a somewhat routine slasher storyline with new kinds of death scenes, then he/she will enjoy Sorority Row.

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