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Auf Wiedersehen, Pet Locations

When the show hit our screens in the early 1980's, it was the time before the internet, so finding out information like where the show was filmed was not easy. In modern times, you simply have to type in what you are looking for, and within seconds you have your answer.

Filming for the first 2 series of the show was mostly done in the UK, with London, Newcastle and Nottingham being used for outdoor locations. In series 1, many locations around London doubled on screen for areas of Newcastle, with only keen eyed viewers in 1983 knowing the difference.

In 1986, the show returned to our screens for a second series, and locations such as Newcastle, Wolverhampton and Spain being used on screen. Nottinghamshire was used for almost all of the UK filming, with the exception of a few scenes being filmed in Newcastle. Wolverhampton on screen was actually Beeston, Nottinghamshire and even an indoor scene in a Spanish pub was actually filmed also on location in Beeston.

It does take a very keen eyed viewer to notice that it is not where it says it is on screen, but many die hard fans of the show, will know exact spots where the cast such as Jimmy Nail and Kevin Whately stood and said there lines.

In 2002, the show was revived by the BBC, and places such as Middlesbrough were used. Newcastle was used also this time, and the show spread it's wings wide and filming was also done on location in Page, Arizona, USA.

2004, saw the 4th and also last 2 episodes of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet being shown on UK screens. This time the location on screen was Cuba, but as they could not acquire a license to film their, the Dominican Republic was used instead. At the end of 2004 2 episodes were shown over the Christmas period, and this brought an end to almost 25 years of the show being on our screens. Thailand was used on screen for these 2 final episodes, featuring 5 of the original cast. Sadly in 1986, Gary Holton died whilst filming the second series of the show, and then in 2004 Pat Roach died of cancer, and did not appear in the final episodes.

If you are going to travel around the UK or even the world looking for Auf Wiedersehen, Pet locations, then please remember that many of these places are private property. I have always been welcomed to the places I have visited, and most love the fast that their property or land was used on such an iconic tv show.

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