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Choosing Your Break Wisely So When You Return, It's Like a Fresh Start!

In this age of the internet, the world has indeed shrunk. However time instead of being saved, with all the countless automations implemented that is, ironically has only increased in value. TIME is money?!! I'll say its much more than that, its Life indeed! money being a very small part of it.

Most of us have full time jobs, and most of our time is devoted to them.Considering that we devote 60-80% of our time to our jobs. We do need to spend our breaks during work time wisely too.For some, perhaps talks over lunch time can be a great way to unwind. But while talking might be therapeutic, it might not pick at your grey cells in an appealing way.Now, while using your gray cells for work might not exactly be a stimulating environment(unless you absolutely adore your job), rather taxing, but using your gray cells for something you love, is a whole different matter. Unwinding should be as you desire it to be. it need not always mean a long nap. Rather, for most people, an activity they love, could leave them mentally satisfied and [unwound], which is far better deal than playing dead for some time.Or for that matter munching after regular intervals.

One of the ways to unwind, while still at our desks is some form of online entertainment, considering that most of us now have computers at our work places.While care needs to be taken,that it doesn't eat a chunk of our work time, but choosing our break time wisely to indulge in a form of online entertainment that we love. It could be actually be an indirect contribution to productivity, indirect but significant.

Why online entertainment? Because it is readily available! No infrastructure needed. Its fast, and most of it is usually free and not to mention the variety is endless!

Keeping in mind the time constraints, one should really opt only for the forms of online entertainment, that are no time guzzling!

Let me list down some of them that I think fit the bill.

1. Online flash games This really does take the cake. Play a small one of your choice and you'll feel better too.

2. Small movies/films: Again, not consuming too much of your time, they usually range from a minute to 10 (maximum is perhaps 20, but that's a stretch). The small movies, unlike most conventional movies, do have some value in it. They are usually about some appealing topic presented beautifully. Or a tale of bravery. or a documentary educating you to something new. Short movies are dainty to the mind, and in some cases the heart!

3. Reading a comic strip: Comic strips, that may or may not relate to your work are a great source of entertainment at a very low cost of time.

4 Reading jokes online: Need to feel lighter? Nothing like a joke to pep you up!

5. Chatting online: Although this may not seem advisable apparently, connecting to friends who aren't from the same company and catching up with them (not gossip mongering) is a great way to unwind. Some may prefer calling, but if they are available on a generic messenger like gtalk/yahoo/msn, most would prefer to chat. Just keep an eye on that watch. Be firm that you would not overshoot the window of time you have allowed yourself

6. Reading NEWS online: Many of us don't really have the time to read newspapers daily. Sometimes we just crash after coming from work. reading up on national /world news is a good way to stay up to date while you sip tea.

7. Music: Last, but not the least, good music really does rejuvenate your mind, so if you can just pick up some good music while working or during your break, it could help lift up your moods.

There you go, the above are the top seven of my picks of online entertainment. Maybe you have a different order or alternative means of online entertainment. To each our own definitely! Just remember the saying All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Working at your best potential, needs breaks taken and spent wisely!

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