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Blue Screen Vs Paper Pages

Speaking about the Movie vs Book battle, there is no right or wrong. We are all created different, and our preferences may vary. Nevertheless, we often can hear people say that the book was nothing like the movie. And vice versa, other people say that the book was boring, but the movie was very expressive and interesting. So, why some people prefer visual effects while others remain the devout fans of reading?

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The point is perceiving printed words is a little bit more difficult for a human brain. That's why many people enjoy visualized picture much more than dumb letters. Live image stimulate the mind and there's no need for you to challenge your imagination. Watching movies enhance your vision of the world and helps to create the images that could never ever possibly be produced in your brain. Roughly speaking, movies are for lazy people. Besides, watching movies has one great advantage: it is much less time-consuming than reading books. This feature appears to be very attractive in our fast-paced society. Thus, you can save a lot of time if decide to go to the cinema. In fact, sometimes you can just feel too tired to think the book over, and in this case watching a screen version is a good way to go.

Book Lovers

Regardless of the fact that it's much easier to watch a movie than read a book, many folks still prefer old good paper. Unlike video presentation, paper pages stimulate our imagination. It's not a secret that reading benefits our intellectual development. When we read we memorize the words and expressions, boost our vocabulary, and broaden our outlook.

Another thing to mention in this context is the fact that your own perception and movie director's presentation of the book content may vary. Thus, the movie can turn out to be a complete anticipointment. Moreover, 2 hours of screen play can't substitute several hundreds of pages stuffed with detailed information. You just can't present a definite picture of the action based on the movie. Reading a book means diving into the author's world, and this feeling is lost when you consider the movie.

All in all, tastes differ. Conceptually, movies are more entertaining while books stimulate our thought processes and benefit our intelligence. The choice may depend on your mood as well. For example, watching a movie is a good idea if you are tired and just want to relax, rest your brain and have some fun. Written on the paper or unfold on the silver screen, a good story is always worth learning.

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