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Fear Island (2009)

Fear Island is a 2009 horror thriller from Waterfront Pictures and Pocketbook Productions. It stars Haylie Duff as Jenna, Lucy Hale as Megan, Jessica Harmon as Ashley, Kyle Schmid as Tyler, Aaron Ashmore as Mark, and Jacob Blair as Kyle. It is written by Jeff Martel. The director is Michael Storey.

A group of friends goes to an island for a weekend getaway before they go their separate ways. But it seems there is another person on the island stalking them. They find the cabin's caretaker murdered. The group begins to panic as the killer continues to torment and kill them one-by-one.

Fear Island is a true thriller with many twists and turns along the way as they try to learn the identity of whomever is after them and why. But perhaps the most fascinating characteristic of the whole film is that the story is being told by one of the survivors who is accused of the killings. That means that the story may or may not be as it appears. All I will say is that the true identity of the killer is not exactly who it seems.

There is one concept that remains unclear to me, unless there was something I missed. It was the stowaway on the boat who finally emerges when they arrive on the island. None of the other people seem to know who she is, but they accept her into their group as one of their friends. What puzzles me is the fact that they didn't find it odd that someone they didn't even know sneaked onto their boat and accompanied them on the trip. Wouldn't it occur to them that something wasn't right?

To wrap, if a horror/thriller, mainly thriller, is what you're looking for, then Fear Island is your kind of movie!

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