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Piranha 3D (2010)

Piranha 3D is a 2010 horror film distributed by Dimension Films. It stars Steven R. McQueen as Jake Forester, Elisabeth Shue as Sheriff Julie Forester, Ving Rhames as Deputy Fallon, Jerry O'Connell as Derrick Jones, and Christopher Lloyd as Carl Goodman. The writers are Mark Canton, Mark Toberoff, Alexandre Aja, and Gregory Lavasseur. It is directed by Alexandre Aja.

A small earthquake in Lake Victoria splits the lake floor and allows prehistoric and super-aggressive piranhas into the lake. After a fisherman's mutilated corpse and boat are found, the sheriff contemplates closing the beach. But it is Spring Break, a very difficult time of year to close a beach when the small town needs the revenue.

Piranha 3D isn't just your average science fiction/horror film; it is a "splatter" film. For those who don't know what a splatter film is, it is a film with so much blood and gore that it is borderline humorous. In short, it excessively displays the human body's vulnerablity for strictly theatrical purposes. Perhaps the most notable scene of this is the beach massacre scene late in the film. The viewers witness people literally having their arms and legs chewed off and their bodies ripped to pieces. Some shots even reveal these limbs floating around in the water with all the blood. It is not something a person should see on a full stomach.

The blood and guts seem to cover up any attempt at a strong climax. Normally in film like this one, there is an attempt to destroy the problem species which is, in this case, piranhas. But, we don't see this until the final moments of the film. Up until that time, we only see people getting saved or being eaten alive by the little sharp-toothed creatures.

To wrap, if blood and gore are what you're looking for, then Piranha 3D is definitely a film you'd enjoy thoroughly!

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