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Review - Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

Whether it's through television, movies or video games, Mission: Impossible has managed to stay relevant and hang around for a very long time. While the television series rose to prominence in the 60's, the film adaptation starring Tom Cruise was created in the mid 90's. This film series has been around ever since and it continues with the next film in the franchise called Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Super spy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) finds himself in an impossible situation. The IMF is shut down once they are suspected of being involved in a terrorist bombing plot and Hunt and his team (Paula Patton, Simon Pegg) are now left out in the cold. Now that they are fugitives, the team knows that they have to clear their names and save the IMF. In order for this to happen, "Ghost Protocol" must be initiated. Going off the grid with no help and no solid plan, Hunt and his team must go undercover and do what they do best. If they choose to accept it, they must complete their mission by making the impossible seem possible.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol features almost everything that you would expect from movies in the spy genre. You have your hand to hand combat, weapons, high-tech gadgets, a mad man with an eye on world destruction and of course espionage. It can also be a source for quite a few laughs due to the film's attempts at comedy. This aspect of the film is usually carried by Simon Pegg, but the others get involved on the comedic side of things once in a while and usually with good results.

This movie didn't do much as far as character development is concerned. Instead of focusing on that, they throw you into the action right from the very beginning. We get a little bit of back story, but that ultimately just adds to the main story and not really the characters themselves. In Ghost Protocol, the action is more important than anything else and it's delivered in a fun way with high-paced energy. Some of it is what you'd expect, but they also tossed some new wrinkles into the mix.

One of my favorite action sequences that used one of these wrinkles was a chase scene that starts off on foot, but eventually turns into a car chase. That alone was great, but what made it better was the fact that all of it was supposed to be taking place in the middle of some terrible weather. This scene and many others were artistically done and made to look beautiful. Imagery and style stand out in this movie and it adds to the overall experience of watching it.

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol maintains the soul of this franchise. With its crazy gadgets, classic theme music, action and flare, it feels like it's supposed to right from the beginning. It has its flaws and it doesn't have a ton of emotional substance, but the pure fun and entertainment that's brought to the table more than make up for that. In my opinion, this film may be the best in the entire series and it's certainly something worth checking out if you're a fan of the franchise or if you just want to watch a good action movie that contains some solid comedy.

Score: 3/5

Rating: PG-13

Director: Brad Bird

Tom Cruise
Jeremy Renner
Paula Patton
Simon Pegg
Michael Nyqvist
Anil Kapoor
Tom Wilkinson
Ving Rhames

Film Length: 133 minutes

Release Date:
December 16, 2011 (Limited)
December 21, 2011 (World Wide)

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

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