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Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman Movie DVD "While You Were Sleeping" Is an Enchanting Romantic Comedy

Cute Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock's attractive good looks are tremendously down-played in this enchanting romantic comedy of "Love at Second Sight." The costume designer has her dressed in baggy sweaters, shapeless ankle-length skirts, and over-sized jackets because she is supposed to be a Chicago Transit Authority employee stuck in a dead-end job with no future. Seeing Bullock's leading lady attractiveness so down-played through out the movie is one of the movie's cute and adorable quirks.

You can read the plot summaries readily available online at the movie database websites. This product review is from the perspective of a Singles Personal Dating Coach. Part of what I like so much with watching "While You Were Sleeping" again and again is how the leading men in the film are portrayed as real flesh and blood men, working men both. Our first attractive unmarried man is a yuppie, played by actor Peter Gallagher. He's so good looking that it is completely understandable how our heroine could easily develop an adult single woman romantic crush on him. Our second unmarried, single, and available man in the story is a blue-collar guy who is a furniture maker, played by chameleon actor Bill Pullman.

All too often in Hollywood movies, the romantic comedy films seem to take the masculinity away from the men in the movie. A fun additional small part appearance is made by Michael Rispoli as Joe Jr. who became later better known in the popular TV show from HBO, The Sopranos. Then enchanting qualities of the family and how that is part of the whole package which Lucy craves in romance is darling and totally understandable. I am half in love with them, too. Secondary cast members who play the family she comes to love include Glynis Johns whom we came to love in "Mary Poppins." Saul is played by beloved actor Jack Warden. Peter Boyle plays Ox before his stint on popular television show, "Everyone Loves Raymond."

Truth to tell, when it comes to lasting love and happy long term marriages, the couple embraces not only loving each other but also loving and caring about the whole family which each the bride and groom married. Marriage is a family package deal. "While You Were Sleeping" depicts that in the romance.

Amusingly enough, the original release date of the film was in April when the whole plot line takes place around Christmas, New Year's and Epiphany. An enchanting addition to my Christmas holiday viewings now. Highly recommend.

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