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Frozen (2010)

Frozen is a 2010 drama thriller distributed by Anchor Bay Entertainment. It stars Emma Bell as Parker O'Neill, Shawn Ashmore as Joe Lynch, and Kevin Zegers as Dan Walker. It is written and directed by Adam Green.

Three friends, Parker, Joe, and Dan, are spending the afternoon at a ski resort. Unable to pay the full price for ski lift tickets, they bribe the attendant to let them on. After spending the majority of the day on the bunny hill, they decide to go for one last run. They are let on the lift one last time. Almost no one is left in the resort. The regular attendant is called to the office, so he informs a co-worker that there are still three more skiers left. The co-worker spots three skiers and shuts down the lift with Joe, Dan, and Parker still on board. At first, they're convinced it's another malfunction and the lift will resume shortly. The three start to panic when the lights in the resort are turned off. No one will be there to save them until the following Friday when the ski resort reopens.

This movie is a thriller in every sense of the word. During the film's debut at Sundance, several people fainted due to the tension. Being left to slowly freeze to death on a ski lift too far above the ground to jump is quite the heart-racer. It's almost a no-win situation. If they stay and wait, they risk starving to death and, of course, freezing. If they jump off, they take the chance of injury or being eaten alive by wolves. It keeps the viewer on the edge of his/her seat throughout.

Some have classified Frozen as a horror movie. I personally believe that classification is somewhat inaccurate. In a typical horror movie, there is usually some element of fantasy. This film has no fantasy. Everything that happens in the story could actually happen in real life, removing any sort of make-believe. Three people get stranded on a ski lift during the heart of winter in the mountains with no one around to get them down. It's pretty straightforward. Nothing imaginary about that. Adam Green directed this movie. He is most well-known for his work on the Hatchet films. This may have had some influence over incorrectly classifying Frozen as a horror movie.

To wrap, Frozen is a very intense film that will keep your heart pounding long after the movie has finished.

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